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Cultivating September Goals

Sweet, sweet September. There's something about the shift into this ninth month of the year that has me reaching for my chunky sweaters and fall candles, despite the fact that Texas is still in the upper 90's (and will be through October...).

For three years I hosted The Blog-tember Challenge here on the blog (201420152016,), writing every day for 30 days, connecting with women and writers from across the world, but last fall I took a hiatus from the internet and put the thing on pause.

I have to admit I was tempted, in typical Bailey-fashion, to relaunch it this month, eager to dig back in at 60mph when I've blogged once in a blue moon (at best) over the past eight months. I'm an all or nothing kinda girl, so it sounded enticing... for a minute. But honestly it's pretty impractical, and that's okay.

At the start of this September, I am two weeks into my third year of teaching high school and two weeks into teaching at my new school. And at this moment I am two weeks away from opening night of my first production at this school, Peter and the Starcatcher. So... Blog-tember Challenge? Definitely not going to happen.

But a few blog posts? Definitely a possibility.

A rainbow of items fresh off the laminator? Makes my teacher heart flutter!

With that in mind, what better way to start than with my goals for the month? These, too, have been directly impacted by my teaching status and upcoming show, simplified and narrowed to suit the season. I have a habit of being too ambitious in moments like these, so this year I'm attempting to stay off that path.

September 2018 Goals

Monthly Goals:

  • Direct Peter and the Starcatcher well.  Surprise! This is number one on the list! I want to plan well, lead well, help my students have fun and make meaningful theatre, all the way through the end. September 13th will be here before we know it! 
  • Prep for and host a garage sale. The house I moved into has had a bunch of girls in and out over the years, so our garage is FULL (of my things included...) so we are having a garage sale to clear the clutter! It's time to be ruthless about what I have, what I need, and what I don't need to hang onto.
  • Implement a new fitness routine! My friend Samantha and I have started going to the gym, and my hope is to go 3x's per week! I gave myself grace when traveling this summer and transitioning into school, but I'm hoping to find a consistent schedule. And it's so much better with accountability!
  • Celebrate, savor, and protect Sabbath. During show season, my Saturdays usually hold workdays and rehearsal, so my plan is to truly treat Sunday as a day of rest. From 6pm on Saturdays to 6pm on Sundays, I will do no school related work. Instead I will rest, attend church, spend time with friends, and relax. 
  • Read 5+ books. I've only got a few months left to reach my 52 books goal for the year! I want to read/finish these books this month:
    • The Bear and the Nightingale *in progress*
    • Imperfect Courage *in progress*
    • Small Great Things
    • King's Cage
    • To All the Boys I've Loved Before

Weekly Goals:

  • Prep on Sunday evenings. Meal plan, pick out clothes, fill out my planner, etc. 
  • Get active 3x's. Planet Fitness with Sam at least 2x's after school, maybe one morning. 
  • Lesson plans in on time. They're due sunday nights, but hopefully will be in on Fridays. 
  • One night of downtime and counseling. Tuesday nights are reserved for relaxing post-counseling at my favorite coffee shop.
  • Finish a book! One book per week gets at least 4/5 books for the month!

Daily Goals:
  • Drink water.
  • Daily adoration by Sara Hagerty
  • Gratitude list before bed.
  • No spending money (besides gas or groceries).
  • Read for fun.
With something as big as our fall play on the monthly list, I'm hoping to spend more time focusing on the daily goals to keep a sustainable and healthy routine. We'll see how it goes! Also, it feels so good to be back writing in this space. I didn't put it down as a weekly goal, but I hope to pop in around 2x's each week with some kind of post, just to get back in the rhythm. Wish me luck!

What about y'all? What are you going to cultivate in September? 

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