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Wishing on Twenty-Seven

Is it just me or does twenty-seven sound soooooooo much older than twenty-six? Anyone else? I'm a weekend away from hitting the big 2-7, and I'm really pumped to spend the remaining days in hill country with some gal pals. Relaxing, touring some wineries, and simply catching up on life is at the top of our agenda for sure!

In the meantime I thought I'd share a few things that have stumbled onto my birthday wishlist! And I may or may not have picked up two of these things for myself since making the graphic... oops ;)

One.  This is actually two-in-one because at the top of my wishlist is an Apple Watch and a fun interchangeable band from Casetify. A few teacher friends -as well as my mom and sister- have the watches and they seem really interesting! 

Two.  I heard a beautiful rendition of the Doxology when I was researching a play last year, and I found this sheet music wall sign on Etsy that would look beautiful in my new house (moving in with new roommates in two weeks)!

Three. Who doesn't love a pair of funny, comfy socks? Especially if they're bookish! 

Four. I love wearing rings on my middle, right hand finger but I've only had cheapy ones from Old Navy. I love the idea of these stackable coordinate rings, especially with how often I've moved! I think I want to get Waco, Seattle, and College Station since those have been some of the biggest seasons (and favorite places) in recent years!

Five. A friend of mine recently posted about How to Walk Away, and I've picked it up several times at Barnes & Noble. It could be a fund end of the summer read!

Six. I could say yes to just about anything Lindsay Letters, but this large creatives calendar in The Classic (24x30) would look great in my classroom or even my new bedroom! I love a paper planner but seeing things big and bold on the wall is always helpful, too. 

Seven. These actually came in the mail yesterday! I've had my eye on these Rifle Paper Co Keds, and when they had a sale-on-sale I scooped them up!

Eight.  I'm not typically a bracelet person but having a few words and phrases in front of me has been very helpful this season, and I'd love a custom bracelet that says "rest secure" or "courage, dear heart" to wear this year.

Nine. Last but not least (which I also already purchased!) was a ticket to Silobration at Magnolia Market! I have gone the past two years with one of my best friends to shop the market and see Johnnyswim in Waco, and I'm excited to go back again this year! 

Aren't those fun?! Hopefully by blowing a few candles off my cake a few more of those will appear in my closet ;) Now off to adventure with some friends to await the big day.

Any of these fit your fancy? 
Anything else I should add to my list?

Cultivate July Goals

One of these days I'll be blogging from my own home or my own state. Maybe. ;) Once again I am on the go, but I'm making time to do a little goal planning and checking in on the progress along the way. I actually sat down and filled out my PowerSheets on July 2nd (progress!) though promptly hopped on another plane to adventure in Washington, D.C. for a while.

It's another month full of travel with D.C., Detroit, Cincinnati, Austin, and Seattle on the list before August rolls around, so I tried to keep all of this in mind when planning July. It's also my birthday month which just makes everything more fun! So what's on the agenda? Let's see!

We found so many fun murals in Maryland that an impromptu photoshoot was a must! 

July 2018 GOALS

Monthly Goals:

  • Visit Washington, D.C., Detroit, and Cincinnati. In progress! I spent the last three days in Washington with a friend from my lifegroup, I landed in Detroit yesterday, and at the time this goes live I'll be on my way to Cincy! It's a whirlwind week of seeing sweet friends, for sure!
  • Have a girls' weekend in Hill Country. This is on the horizon for next weekend. Can't wait to get away with some sweet friends and celebrate a few birthdays (mine included)!
  • Celebrate turning 27! This one is one week away, and I'm SO EXCITED! Birthdays are the best!
  • Visit Seattle for a wedding. I'm so looking forward to visiting one of my favorite places to celebrate some of my favorite people!
  • Pack the house & move across town. Packing is in progress, and later this week (between trips) I'll start moving things over. I've got until the 31st to make it all happen.
  • Prep the fall semester calendar for Viking Theatre. I actually checked this one off the list with my co-teacher last week! It's going to be quite the year.
  • Join a new gym. Still to be done this month. I cancelled my old membership and have a new gym in mind.
  • Try a new budget plan for my debt snowball. Traveling has made this tough, but I hope to sit down and plan ahead for August.
  • Read 5+ books. Making progress here for sure! Two down, three to go.
    • Midnight Blue
    • Words in Deep Blue
    • The Bronte Plot *in progress*
    • Glass Sword *in progress*

Weekly Goals:

  • Call home. 
  • Invest in my gal pals! 
  • Finish a book. 
  • Financial check-in on Sundays.
  • Summer lifegroup!

Daily Goals:
  • In the Word.
  • Time in Prayer. 
  • Drink Water.
  • Read for Fun.
Keeping the daily and weekly goals the same in June and July has been SO helpful so far, even when on the go! Simple and straight forward with lots of travel on the agenda. Just the way I like my summers (and my birthday month)!

What about y'all? What did you make happen in July? 
Any fun travels coming up?