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Simplify to Thrive: Summer Goals

Ooooh y'all. Are you feeling that summer heat yet? We certainly are in Texas! It has been in the upper 90's, and it's just going to keep on climbing. Maybe that's why I'm headed for the coast on Friday ;) The escape is about to be much needed.

In this half year (or so) of sporadic blogging, the most consistent thing I've done is shared my goals for 2017 --and by most consistent I mean sometimes it's the only blog post I manage to get up in a month! Eek! What I'm excited to share with you today is the summer goal refresh I've done to set myself up for success in the next few months.

One of my favorite pages in the 2017 PowerSheets!

I am a die-hard fan and faithful user of Lara Casey's PowerSheets, and I have been since the summer of 2013. They were a great tool to launch my first post-grad dreams, and they have been a consistent help and encouragement to make what matters happen in life no matter how my seasons have changed over the years. They've just sold out of the 2017 PowerSheets, but have no fear! Next year's workbooks will release in the fall!

Now for the summer refresh! I took a look at my 2017 goals and my spring refresh, simplifying (hey-o word of the year!) to five goals for the summer.

Summer Simplified: A Goal Refresh

1. In the Word daily! This is a habit and love I want to cultivate in every season, and I know it's one that can easily fly out the window when my schedule varies from day-to-day with travels and events (and the occasional snooze until noon...). I also don't want to over-complicate this; if I do it will make this less likely to happen on a regular basis. For my travels I am planning to use the Illustrated Faith "I Am" devotional and some basic Bible journaling supplies. You can find the devotional and follow along HERE.

2. Heart healthy habits! This one may be the most challenging to implement with so much traveling, but I plan to at least attempt it! I want to get my steps in every day and cut down on carbs and sugars as much as I can, making healthier choices when eating out is our only option. We are also AirBnB-ing quite a bit, so I'm hoping we can pick up some breakfast foods and snacks that will set us up for success.

3. Build a budget! Mmmmm.... money matters are not my favorite, but I have some specific savings and debt-releated goals that I want to work toward, so why not start this summer? I am working up a budget for each of my trips and accounting for monthly expenses to stay on top of those while I'm gone. I also have a certain amount I want in my savings account before the end of August, and I'm moving into a house the first of that month which will bring rent down immensely! If you are looking for a good budgeting resource, I am using the worksheets by Ruth Soukup she offers through her blog.

4. Read, rest, refuel! Summer is a glorious thing, and I certainly needed it after my first year of teaching! While making things happen is important and planning ahead is not bad either, I want to make time to do those things that fill me up and refuel my tank before starting year two in the fall. I'm on track to read 75 books this year (see my reads so far HERE!), and thanks to the Modern Mrs. Darcy's daily kindle deals I've prepped my e-book collection for the month ahead! I am also looking to implement downtime in the midst of my travels. This introvert heart of mine can only be so on for so long.

5. Simplify social media! Anyone else addicted to their smartphone? I got the Moment app and oof! Was that an eye-opener! Anywho, now that I am incredibly overwhelmed and embarrassed by the amount of time I spend on social media, my goal is to simplify for the summer. I plan to take plenty of pictures as I travel, but I plan to only post one or two during the day instead of 92472920 so I can stay more present in the moment with my friends. Plus, you'll have more to read about here when I share the trip on the blog! Also, I want to go back through my various feeds and clean them out again. The comparison game has been going strong for quite some time, and it's time to hit the mute button.

Exclamation points and stickers just make everything so much more exciting, don't they? ;) You can also see a peek at how I used the rest of the goal refresh sheets in the picture above. I've decided to color code these goals to help implement them on my tending lists, so I used the blank spaces to brainstorm possible action steps for each of the goals. I will then mark them off as they are completed over the next few months!

Now it's time to soak up the summer and sign off for a bit.
What are you planning to make happen this summer?!

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