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Dear June | The Little Letter Link Up

I was looking for a fun way to jump back in this month, and Kristin's Little Letter Link Up sounded like the perfect fit! Let's see how June has been treating me so far ;) 

Dear June, how did you get here so fast? This first year teacher --now second year!-- is oh so thankful, but it's still pretty startling. One minute I'm writing finals and submitting grades, then the next I'm in the thick of summer. This feels pretty fantastic.

Dear Love Bailey Jean, I'm still trying to figure out what to do with you. I love and miss blogging, but I have not had the energy or made the time to do much beyond Instagram this year. I'm looking to change that this summer, so stay tuned! Today is the first step on the next leg of our eight year (?!?!?) journey.

Dear faithful readers,  hello, it's me.... *insert more Adele lyrics here*. Thank you for hanging around and dropping in from time to time! It's been so fun to connect on social media while this space has taken a bit of a nap, but I promise I'm coming back with some fun new content and more consistent posts as the summer goes on.

Dear purple polkadot suitcase, thank you to the moon and back for holding all the things on all the trips I've taken (and will take) this summer. In New York City you packed plenty of options for some seriously bipolar weather, and on the way back from Seattle you landed at 50lbs on the dot to safely carry all the books and clothes I bought back home. Now, mom and I may disagree on your color (you are a shade of PURPLE not pink, I tell you!) but we can probably both agree that you have been a truly faithful companion over the last four years. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Dear Wonder Woman, you were just as amazing and inspiring as I hoped you would be! Talk about some motivation to get up, get active, get into shape, and get moving on some big dreams and schemes! Seeing you in XD (not 3D) was definitely a great choice, and I do plan to see you again so soon!

Dear Chris Pine, thank you for being just as wonderful as ever. I fell head over heels during Princess Diaries 2 and have swooned ever since.

Dear Seattle, it was lovely to see you again. You really showed off your summer sun and colors -your best kept secret!- in full force while I was in town. Thanks a million! I loved exploring the market with friends who had never been and meeting up with old friends and favorites from years gone by. How has it been three years since I moved away from you?!

Dear BCS, it's creeping up on the one year mark (this August) since I moved here, and it feels like I've already lived a lifetime in this tiny college town. Actually, I wouldn't say you're tiny, especially in comparison to the last tiny college town I lived in for grad school. Thank you for having all the things I need: Target, Chick-fil-a, Cracker Barrel, Hobby Lobby... you know, the basics. ;)

Dear friend, thanks for dropping by. You mean the world to me.
Bailey Jean

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