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January in Review

I'm trying something new this year, making a monthly review to log what all happened in each of these twelve months! I used to be a diligent journaler, but the days of jotting it all down are few and far between lately. 

January was FULL and fun, packed with friends and getting my fill of good books and television.  I traveled a bit, managed some down time, started our competition show, and started to find a routine or semester #2. Find the highlights below.

I've started a playlist for 2017 HERE if you want to check it out!

Now to take a look at January's monthly goals:

1. Co-host the Deep in the Heart RetreatDone, done, and done! To be honest, I'm SO sad it's over. I wrote all about it HERE, and I'd be lying if I said we aren't already dreaming up next year's getaway.

2. Prepare well for the start of schoolJust how well I prepared, I'm not too sure, but I got things ready and jumped into this second semester right off the bat. I still have a lot to learn (and procrastination has gotta go), but I'm working on it.

3. Register for my teaching certification test. This did not quite happen... and by not quite I mean it didn't. I'm going to have to wait until my next paycheck to get this one checked off the list.

4. Begin directing Proof for UIL One Act PlayYes! The show is blocked, their lines are learned, and the set is coming together. I've also signed us up for a couple of clinics and workshops, and I've started putting together my show binder. It's the real deal (and we have 9 weeks of rehearsal instead of 3.5 this time! Hallelujah)!

5. Go to Theatrefest in Galveston, TexasI spent last Wednesday through Saturday at this event, and it was really so helpful! I was thrilled for a getaway, but not super eager to attend the classes initially, and I'm happy to say some of them surprised me! It left me feeling a bit worn out and over-stimulated --who knew theatre teachers could be so crazy and enthusiastic ;)-- but it was certainly worth the trip. Being by the beach was pretty nice, too!

6. Read 5+ booksBoom! This month I managed to tackle Chasing Slow by Erin Loechner,  Winter and Stars Above by Marissa Meyer, Simplify by Bill Hybels and 168 Hours by Laura Vanderkam for the first time, and I re-read Red Queen (that's fun to say!) a second time through. The third book in the series releases in February, so I wanted to make sure that was on this month's list!

7. Complete my Illustrated Faith projects. This one remains to be halfway done. I blogged for Illustrated Faith HERE and HERE, and the next exciting project that launches in February is halfway finished!

8. Meet my January savings goal. Nope. This didn't happen. But I'm learning from my habits this month (thanks to the Mint app) and planning ahead for next month (with Qapital). I also made some bigger purchases, one earlier than expected, namely round trip flights to Seattle and a one-way to Michigan for the summer, plus paying for a hotel for a conference in February, which are one-time expenditures. I'm going to bump up February's savings goal since this month was a bit of a fail.

I finally got back into the blogging swing of things, and it has felt oh so good. Check them out below!

Last but not least this month brought some memorable moments in a number of ways, so I narrowed it down to the top four:

The Goals with Grace devotional kit I wrote for Illustrated Faith launched!

The women's march was incredibly inspiring, and I just loved this girl's gumption.

I stopped in Independence, Texas to visit Old Baylor for the first time in 8 years.

I also discovered Snapchat filters and had a hilarious time trying them all!

January was certainly one for the books, but February, I've got some high hopes for you, too. Off we go!

*Please note, this post contains some affiliate links. They won't cost you a penny more, but they might help this first year teacher to an extra Sonic run after rehearsal ;)

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