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Maid of Adventure | My Little Sister's Wedding

We did it, y'all! My beautiful little sister is a married woman! Last May Shelby graduated from college and two days later a kind and godly man asked her to be his forever and she said yes! For the next seven months we planned and prepped, gearing up for an outdoor winter wedding, and on December 11, 2016, on a day of miraculously good weather, Shelby and Jon tied the knot!

One of the first things the pair decided was that they wanted the wedding to have a rustic elegance theme/feel. They also knew that they wanted it close to where they lived, so we started our hunt for a venue. The place of choice was The Springs in Aubrey, Texas. The Springs has multiple locations all over Texas, a second space in Aubrey opening soon in fact, and it was the first one we looked at back in May. The outdoor arbor was exactly was beautiful on its own and perfect for the outdoor ceremony with an indoor barn-esque location for the reception just yards away.

Shelby and Jon love the verses in 1 Corinthians 13 and wanted those on display during the big event. We found these signs on Etsy and lined the aisle with them. We used picture stands from Walmart to help them stand up against the wind. 

The florals were something we decided to do ourselves, and we got all the supplies from First Monday Canton Trade Days. If you're ever in Texas on the weekend of the first Monday of the month, you HAVE to go to Canton! From antiques to trendy tees, it has everything and more! 

We made all of the bows and "pew" florals from pieces purchased in Canton, and we used the same style florals around the arch behind the ceremony area. We also used lots of lace table runners and curtains that my mom had from our old house to drape around barrels we rented and along the tables inside. 

I made her bouquet and the bridesmaids' bouquets with silk flowers primarily from Hobby Lobby. I also draped and glued in some ivory and white beads to add a finishing, elegant touch.

Shelby also decided that she wanted all of her bridesmaids in matching dresses, floor length and navy blue, preferably with one shoulder strap. We looked at David's Bridal and I searched several other places before I remembered, and recommended, the style of dress that can be wrapped in a variety of ways. These can be pretty expensive, but I found them reasonably priced from this shop on Etsy (man, I love that site!) and ordered a sample dress. 

We loved it! The color is somewhat in-between royal blue and navy, but I think they turned out so well! They looked really elegant, fit all of us even though none of us were the same size, and with my heels I didn't even have to get it hemmed. I also love that I can wear it again in a different style in the future.

The only real snafu of the day was that the guys' suits were the wrong color. Initially Shelby wanted Jon in navy and the rest of the guys in gray, but a couple hours before the ceremony one of the groomsmen came up to me and said, "Hey... the suits are the wrong color..." How it took until the day of the wedding for us to figure this out, I have no idea, but I still think they looked really sharp! 

The weather was almost an issue, and I definitely call it a winter miracle. The day before it had been in the 30's and 40's, and the morning of the wedding it was gray and rainy with 20mph winds. But we held onto hope and prayed the day away, and by 4pm it was in the 70s and the wind dropped down to 6mph! By the time the ceremony came around at 5:00 it was beautiful and STILL!

Another surprise.... there were hundreds of LADYBUGS everywhere! Hundreds! They were on our flowers, in our hair, on her dress and his suit. Absolutely tons of them!

I loved this moment. Watching my dad walk my sister down the aisle, then watching Jon waiting for her. My little sister really is all grown up, and she was a stunning bride!

Another fun addition to the day, part of the miraculous weather, the sun set right as they said "I do"! I think the fact that the weather was so iffy and we were so worried about it made it all the more special that things worked out so well and turned out so beautifully.

We posted a sign at the end of the aisle that read "Pick a seat, not a side, you're loved by both the groom and bride!" to encourage the guests to sit wherever they like. It was fun to spot family members in the crowd on either side, and in the bridal suite we even had a television screen that let us watch everyone get into place before it was time for all of us to walk down the aisle. 

Yeah, they're gorgeous. And the wedding photographer was amazing! All of these photos are credited to Emily Nicole Photo. She was a gem to work with and really captured some amazing moments!

 I think I'll treasure this photo forever. Such a sweet day of celebrating this gorgeous sister of mine!

While my sister and her new husband are pretty darn photogenic, these three little guys nearly stole the show ;) The ring bearers are brothers (two are twins!) and they carried signs down the aisle that read "Don't worry, I'm still single!" and "Has anyone seen the rings?!" with the third carrying a small ring pillow we've had since we were kids. The one on the right kept coming up to me during the reception asking if I would dance with him, and by the end of the night I had two of them hanging on my dress and legs asking me to "Spin! Spin!" and to give them more bubbles for the send off.

All in all the day was a success, and I think Shelby and Jon were very happy with how it turned out. I had a great time with friends and family celebrating this sweet sister, and I hope you enjoyed a look at the big day!

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