Magnolia Market + Silobration, Part 2

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Oh, Magnolia. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways....

Y'all, there are a lot of ways and a lot of reasons I love Magnolia Market, Chip and Joanna, and Waco in general. I shared our Part 1 of mine and Rachel's Silobration celebration a few weeks ago, and I finally have time to put together part two!

I used to think a trip to Waco meant wandering campus, visiting my old stomping grounds at Baylor Theatre, then getting coffee with a few friends. Now I can't escape the place without hitting up the market and all it has to offer. Every time I go through, there's even more! It's insane.

Let's back track to the vendor market. I mentioned the mural they let everyone paint previously, but there were also pumpkins! Hello fall! The Magnolia paint line is heavenly, and I look forward to the day when I own my own house and can paint all the things in these gorgeous colors!

I also took an obnoxious amount of "from where I stand pictures" so... you'll be seeing those for a while. 

There were lots of fun food trucks around the lawn, including some Waco favorites. Perfect for dinner time. Common Grounds was the hip coffee shop hang-out when I was in college college, and they had a line for days! There was also the wonderful Co-Town Crepes and Heritage Ice Cream, plus a handful more I can't remember. We went with wood-fired pizza to enjoy on the lawn while we waited for the event to really begin. 

Isn't that sunset just gorgeous? We ate dinner sitting on the terf watching the stage, but then we moved to get a better view of the cancert. After our mad-dash to town, we savored every second we could at the Silos. Chip and Joanna kicked off the celebration by giving away a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Yes, a $30,000 motorcycle. A little something for the men in the audience dragged their by their wives and girlfriends, I'm sure ;) 

To win the motorcycle, the contestants drawn from a raffle had to compete in both a trivia contest and an eating contest. It was not a pretty sight! But one guy walked away --or should I say, rode away-- with a shiny new bike.

And then.. the moment Rachel had been waiting for all night. Johnnyswim! I had heard of them before, and maybe one or two of their songs, but I had no idea how lovely they would be! The lyrics are incredible, their voices divine, and their hearts so tender, you can just tell. 

We watched up close for a while, then we wandered. Texas gave us the gift of a crisp fall evening, complete with a breeze. It was such a delight and a nice change from the sweltering heat. After meandering through yet another pumpkin patch, we lingered near these giant porch swings and snagged a seat as soon as a family got up to leave. 

The moment was something no Instagram square could capture. We both said it, and we both felt it. This year has been a doozy (and by doozy, I mean kind of a jerk in a lot of ways) so the night was a God wink and a place to breathe in the midst of it all. 

Swinging at the silos to the sound of Johnnyswim? It doesn't get much better than that.

Only it did. 

Suddenly, we heard our names! Looking up, a precious Silo employee was walking over and waving, and it was none other than Grace Dalton! Oh my stars! We were so surprised and so delighted that we both hopped up to hug her! The women across from us laughed as we squealed out loud and gushed about what a small world it really was! Grace is such a gem and meeting her in person made the night even sweeter. 

Before we left, I had one last request: tortilla tossing. I really don't know where, why, or how this tradition started, but it's a classic at Baylor. There's this huge suspension bridge over the Brazos River where students go at night, loaded up with bags of tortillas to toss from the bridge onto these concrete pillars out in the water.

Superstition/tradition is that if you land a tortilla on the column then you're sure to get married. Well, I'd definitely done a few for good measure back when I was in school, but that night I had NO luck. My first toss, recorded on Rachel's Instagram story, embarrassingly boomeranged back onto the bridge! I almost fell over laughing! So much for that!

But we tossed 40+ tortillas, giving it our best shot, then we made room for the college kids who were there to do it, too. Pro tip: slightly old/stale tortillas work best ;) Fresh ones are too flimsy.

We got back on the road and bounced from playlist to playlist on the ride back, and every minute was absolutely marvelous!

You can bet your biscuits I'm going to try to go back next year. 
Will I see you there?!

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