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Magnolia Market + Silobration 2016, Part 1

Unless you've been living under a rock (or maybe in the North...) for the past three years, my guess is you've heard about a little show called Fixer Upper and its hosts Chip and Joanna Gaines. They have built quite the empire in Waco, Texas, the castle of the kingdom being The Silos which opened just over a year ago.

To celebrate the one year anniversary of its opening, Chip and Jo hosted an event called Silobration two weekends ago, and I had the JOY of attending with Rachel! It was the perfect getaway after some crazy weeks of school before my show opened, and we had a BLAST and a HALF!

Rachel made the journey down to my new town mid-week, then Friday she picked me up from school. She was in full-on Mom-mode in the pick up line complete with a snack and "How was school today?!" when I got in the car... it was great. The drive is only around an hour and a half, and we BOOKED it to Waco in hopes of snagging tickets.

It may or may not have been sold out already... but we prayed for ticket favor, and boy did Jesus wink our way! My old college roommate works for Magnolia, and luckily I spotted her at one of the tents when we first got there. She totally hooked us up!

Once inside, we were in heaven.  Heck, we were in heaven just standing OUTSIDE of the place! And the weather was perfect! It was chilly with a slight breeze, a much-needed break in the Texas heat we've been experiencing lately. We wandered the vendor market, painted part of the mural (pictured below), and enjoyed every nook and cranny of the place.

At one point we even laughed that even the trees had been Joanna-ized! Every tree was sporting pumpkins and apple crates around its trunk, perfectly festive for fall. I wanted to move right on in and never come home.

Side note: GUYS GUYS GUYS! Look how long my hair is?!?! It has taken me a year and a half to grow it back after chopping it all off for a play, and I'm just so HAPPY! I need to get the color spiffed up soon, but whatevs. Another time, another day.

Rachel and I were in a blogger's paradise. SO MANY INSTAGRAMMABLE THINGS! I feel so much less silly taking pictures of my feet or reaching out perilously over pumpkin patches (as Rachel so beautiful models above) with someone who gets it. ;) 

I have to admit it did feel a little silly playing tourist in my college town, but when I was at Baylor there was NOTHING like this in Waco. There might have been NOTHING period. It's always fun to see what's new whenever I return, and Magnolia Market is going to be a favorite for quite some time.

After wandering a while, we found a space on the lawn to relax and watch the opening show, complete with wood fired pizza from a cute little food truck, patiently awaiting the night's big moment: a Johnnyswim concert! I hadn't listened to much of their music before, but now they've been on repeat since we left. SO SO SO SO GOOD. The new album, Georgica Pond? SO GOOD!

The night held so many more wonderful moments, but you'll have to stay tuned for Part 2!

Have you been to Magnolia Market? 
Are you dreaming of your own fixer upper yet? 
I know I am!

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