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Blog-tember, Day 8: Apartment Sweet Apartment

Y'all. How is this day already here!? I have to admit that I did not take as many pictures in preparation for this as I would have liked to, and yesterday I was at the school until nearly 9:00pm. No natural lighting for me. BUT I can't wait to give you a few more details about spaces I've shared on Insta, and to give the FULL tour oh so soon. Enjoy!

Thursday, Sept. 8: A house/apartment/room tour! 
Give us a glimpse of your space.

Home sweet home should say apartment sweet apartment. I am SO SO SO thankful for this space that I can call my own. I got a job and found an apartment one week later, moving in one week after that, so it was a CRAZY quick turn-around! But my space is perfect for me in this season, and it's been so fun to already make it a home!

The above doormat is from Target, and it makes me smile every time I step up to the door. My apartment is a two-bedroom, with a large master and a smaller second room that has been deemed the "work room". To be honest, it's a crafting space primarily, but work room sound so much more professional ;)

 Here's a quick look at said work room! The corner desk is from Pottery Barn and I've had it since middle school. It's a BEAST of a thing to move, but all the shelves and drawers are wonderful for storing all the knick-knacks and supplies I've collected over time. It is absolutely in need of more organizing, and possibly a deep clean, but I'm happy to at least have it in its place and to get things up off the floor at this point. The rest will have to wait.

Also pictured is this long craft table that I've had since elementary school. What I love is that it folds up to be 1' wide by 3' long, and it ROLLS so it's easy to pack away if I need the space. It is currently home to most of my Illustrated Faith supplies, and it is my go-to work space. If one side is covered, the other is empty and ready to go. It, too, needs a little more organization, but I'm already loving the set up.

The last piece of this picture's puzzle is the pegboard on the far wall. I have two more pieces to hang above these two to complete the set (and four more after that with a location TBD)! My favorite supplies and stickers finally have a place right in view and with easy access all the time. I'm LOVIN' it!

On the wall beside the corner desk is this amazing catch-all IKEA shelf. The story of my life/this room seems to be the need for more specific organization, but we're getting there. I'm also including this picture because I LOVE that my hunt for a fourth sale basket from Target led me to a long lunch with April (@flutterby_33) and a sweet Saturday adventure. She made all my organizational dreams come true AND was such an encouragement!

Just FYI, the white bins are from IKEA, the paint holder from Hobby Lobby, the "Just give me Jesus" print from Holly Holt Designs, the floral scripture print from Amen Paper Company, and the pink typewriter from Michael's by We R Memory Keepers.  Enjoy!

Before we go, I wanted to give you one last sneak peek of a space that I love: my bedroom. I have SUCH a hard time getting out of bed in the morning because, one, it's so comfy, and, two, the light is just lovely!  Pictured here is bedding from Anthropologie (purchased when 60% off and at the local bargain barn!) and wall hooks from Goodwill that I have since painted white and distressed slightly. They blend in with the rest of the room so much better!

My dresser (underneath/not really pictured) is a bright yellow that I have love for so long, but it is getting a makeover soon, too. Time to spiffy this place up, and I'll be sure to show progress pictures as we go!

What about you? What's your space like?!



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