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Blog-tember, Day 6: A September Playlist

The Blog-tember Challenge continues with one of my favorite prompts! Music is a near constant in my life. The only times I'm not listening to music is at work and when I'm sleeping, and even then I play it fairly often. I make playlists for EVERYTHING. I used to make them monthly and I had 2009-2014 month by month in my iTunes until my computer crashed. It was a very sad day. Now I do them by season, and this one has me feeling all the fresh fall vibes. I can't wait to find some new music through you, too!

Tuesday, Sept. 6: Create a playlist. What you're listening to now, 
what encourages you, holiday favorites, etc.

Feelin' Like Fall by Bailey Jean

What do you think?
What are you listening to today?


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