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Blog-tember, Day 5: A Memorable Birthday

Happy Labor Day, y'all! I hope you're enjoying your day off! I know I am. After the first two crazy weeks of school, this break could not have come at a better time. Saturday was full, Sunday was productive, and today gets to be equal parts lazy and list-tackling.

How are we doing on The Blog-tember Challenge so far?! I'm loving seeing everyone's post as they link up! Five days down, twenty five to go!

Monday, Sept. 5: What was your most memorable birthday?

Turning twenty-five this summer was pretty special if I do say so myself. I have had many wonderful, memorable birthdays, but this is one I won't soon forget! It was my first time in New York City, and once I realized the workshop I was attending would be just days after my birthday, I booked my tickets to spend some extra time in the city with friends.  Our first order of business on the big day: BRUNCH. Because of course.

Micah and I headed into the city for brunch at The Standard where I had the strawberry and Nutella waffles. If the item on the menu has the words strawberry or Nutella in the title I will most likely order it, and I will DEFINITELY order it if it has both.  Brunch was wonderful, and it was so good to catch up with my sweet friend! It had been over a year since I'd seen her, and I was so excited to spend the day with her.

Our next items on the agenda were to browse the High Line and Chelsea Market. We found yet another Anthropologie (my third of the trip) and had delicious macarons from Dana's Bakery. The Red Velvet was to die for!  However it was HOT HOT HOT out, so we opted to head back to her side of town to relax inside.

We went to House of 'Que "authentic Austin BBQ" for drinks with her friends from church, and it was positively delightful. Everyone was so nice and they even sang to me once they found out it was my birthday. We'd been to 'Que the night before for the dueling pianos, sitting on the patio, and that day we waited out the rain inside. There had been a kids party there when we first arrived, but when they left they forgot an Elmo balloon, which one of the girls rescued and gave to me for my birthday. We tried to give it to another toddler in the place, but she cried and ran away from it. It was both sad and hilarious.

Okay, the waffles are from earlier in the day, but don't they look delicious?! 

To end the evening, we picked up ice cream, wine, and face masks at a convenience store, then camped out in her apartment for a girls' night in. We watched 13 Going On 30 and The Prince & Me, both of which are SO cheesy but were so good for the soul. Speaking of cheesy, we ordered a pizza from a local place and it was DELICIOUS.

There were a lot of things I'm sure we could have done on that day, but I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Good friends, great food, and a relaxing night in after exploring a new city. Sounds like the perfect birthday to me. Twenty-six has some big shoes to fill next year.

What about you? What was YOUR most memorable birthday?

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