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Blog-tember, Day 29: Blogging Beauties

One day more, y'all! One day more! (Thank you, Les Mis, for being on repeat in my head today...) The 2016 Blog-tember Challenge is coming to a close tomorrow, and I couldn't think of a better way to end than by sharing our favorite reads with our new friends. I have been immensely blessed to have made SO many friends in the blogging world, and limiting this post to just five has been SO difficult. But for your sake and mine, five it is.

Thursday, Sept. 29: Your Fab Five. Share your favorite bloggers/besties and tell us what you love about them! Share a link and give a shout out.

Rachel is a blogging friend turned best friend, and I am forever grateful that our paths crossed a few years ago. Rachel reached out and asked if I would contribute to her series on singleness, and I happily said yes. When I moved to Oklahoma, we got together with a mutual friend for lunch, and the rest is history. I actually took the above picture at her house this past spring when I went for a visit! Rachel gets me, and Rachel tells me like it is. She writes with clarity and truth, conviction and heart, and I cannot WAIT for us to hang out next week!

Favorite blog posts by Rachel:

Yes, another awesome Rachel! RAD (yes, her initials are a perfect description of her) is phenomenal. Her heart is beautiful, her funniness fierce, her blog book-tastic, and her energy catching! I have yet to meet her in real life, but it will happen ONE DAY! I love getting a glimpse into her heart with every post and tweet she sends out into the world, and I KNOW the world is made better by it.

Favorite blog posts by Rachel:

Oooh, y'all. Victoria is a gem of a friend, and one of my first blogging gals that I met in real life. She is a true southern belle with beautiful British roots, and her baby Beau is just adorable! I love her style and her heart of Gospel-centered hospitality (it just radiates from her), and her summer travels are awe-and-wanderlust-inspiring. I'll also never forget sharing the quintessential blogger moment: I was at her house when her planner arrived in the mail and we squealed in delight as only bloggers could/would!

Favorite blog posts by Victoria:

Nicole is such a sweetheart, and she was a must-include on this blogging beauty round-up! I stumbled on her blog several years ago when she and her now-hubby were engaged and planning her wedding, and it is a joy and honor to follow and support their journey to starting a family. They are in the adoption process AND are expecting their first little girl oh so soon. Her heart for the Lord is encouraging and inspiring, and their video/photography company 314 Productions is ABSOLUTELY being hired for my wedding someday. Just saying ;)

Favorite blog posts by Nicole:

Michaela was one of the first blogs I started following consistently in college, and she is still one of my favorites. She lived in Seattle and shared so much about the city that by the time I got there I felt right at home! We've only met in passing (literally, I spotted her in the crowd of a Baylor Homecoming parade and waved as my ride kept driving!) but watching her story unfold these past few years has been such a delight (she got married a week ago and was a STUNNING bride)! Her design and style are as beautiful as her heart, and I'm constantly inspired by her.

Favorite blog posts by Michaela:

There you have it, friends! Just a few of my faves!
Now who are YOURS?!


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