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Blog-tember Day 18: Keep it Simple

On and on we go. We are plowing into the second half of The Blog-tember Challenge, and I'm getting more and more excited as I prep for the prompts this week. Yesterday's vlog was different than planned, so I'm sure another one will show up soon. Thankfully I'm on the mend, getting my voice and energy back, and I return to school tomorrow.

For today's prompt I'm sharing something that simplifies life by kicking a bad habit and starting my day off right.

Sunday, September 18: One product that simplifies your life.

No, I'm not just talking about my iPhone here. What I want to do today is introduce you to my new favorite app: Kiwake. It's the white and multi-colored clock icon with the "1" notification at the bottom of my screen. I stumbled upon Kiwake in my search for an app to help me kick my awful snooze button addiction. Seriously. I set my alarm to get an hour's worth of work done before leaving for school, and yet somehow I end up leaving my apartment with only minutes to spare before I actually have to be at school. It's ridiculous. But this app has totally helped!

Kiwake has a three step method to waking you up: body, brain, and motivation. There is a different task associated with each that get you up and at'em (literally) in the morning. Please ignore the fact that my alarm is set for 10:05pm in these pictures. That's when I took the screenshots for this blog post... I'm doing good to get up at 6:00am, let alone be remembering to snag blog post pics ;)

To set the alarm, you have to click "NIGHT MODE" the night prior. What I like about this feature on this app is that I can continue to use the app even when it's on night mode. Some other apps require you to set the alarm then put the phone down or it won't work. 

You can select whichever sort of sound you like for when the alarm initially goes off, and I actually really like the one called "Crazy Glue." It feels very happy and isn't too abrasive. When it goes off, you have to touch the START button in order for the cool down period to begin. I keep my cool-down to around 30 seconds to 1 minute. Otherwise it's even more difficult to get up out of bed.

The first prompt is the Body Wake-Up. I don't have screen grabs of this, but the way it works is when you create the alarm you take a picture of an area of your room (preferably a different room) or a piece of artwork/a picture frame on the wall that you will have to get up out of the bed and turn on the light to take the exact same picture when the alarm sounds. Otherwise a blaring alarm will sound and you can't turn it off by closing down the app. Believe me, I tried.  It still beeps.

I chose a picture on the wall on the far side of the apartment. I have to get up, leave my room, turn on the living room light, and then take a picture of the image. I also included my key hook so I have to make sure my keys are there when I take the picture or it won't be a match. One more thing to hunt for and wake me up in the morning if I forgot to put them there yesterday. Also a great way to keep from hunting for my keys on my way out the door. 

The second prompt is the Brain Wake-Up. You can pick from a variety of games and set them at easy, medium, or hard in difficulty. I use falling tiles, and I have to win three rounds of it before the app will move on. The tiles fall and I have to click the red ones before they cross the white line at the bottom of the screen.

The third and final prompt is the Motivation Wake-Up. The app asks you to set goals in either sentences or with pictures, and you have to swipe through each one of them to check them off. I'm all for a little motivation, but out of sight is out of mind, so this is very helpful in reminding me to prioritize time in scripture or to do a bit of yoga before the day begins.

Once all three prompts have been completed, VOILA! The alarm is deactivated. My biggest challenge is refraining from crawling back into bed once it's been turned off... but so far I'm making progress.  There are two final notes I should add. One, I was in no way prompted or sponsored by Kiwake to endorse the app. I've just been using it over the past couple of weeks and find it very helpful! 

Two, the app is still new so there are some bugs. When I set the alarm for 10:05pm when writing the post (so it would go off 2-3 minutes after setting the alarm), it froze once and would not turn off, so I deleted the app and re-installed it. Hopefully they'll sort out the kinks soon, but the other alarm I have been using on the regular has had no issues!

There you have it friends. I'm kicking snooze to the curb thanks to the Kiwake app. If you scroll back up to the top, you can see the rest of my most-used app. I have app-solutely no shame in how often I use the Chick-fil-a One. It's amazing. ;) 

What's one thing you use you simplify? 


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