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Blog-tember, Day 13: Another Life, Another Day

Oh man, what a tough question! Every time I thought about it, I picked someone else! There are so many things and people to consider (and at the moment I'd swap with most healthy humans... I fear flu symptoms are on today's agenda...). But here we go. If I had to pick one, today, this would be it.

Tuesday, Sept. 13: If you could switch lives with someone for a day, who would it be? Why?

Lara Casey of Making Things Happen & Southern Weddings

I look up to Lara Casey in so many ways, and I think it would be crazy fascinating and fun to swap lives for a day.  Lara is the heart behind the Making Things Happen conferences (which are on my dream list of events to attend!) and she is the Editor of Southern Weddings Magazine. She loves Jesus, has three littles that she positively adores, and she's got quite the green thumb. Of course, if we swapped lives I'd probably kill the garden in those 24 hours, but she'd be the kind to forgive me ;)

Over the past few years I have loved getting to know Lara via the internet and one of these days I'll get to hug her neck and laugh about the season we've walked through; she's a joy to follow on social media because she points back to Jesus continually and is very real and raw about the work He is doing in her life.

Plus her job and kids seem oh so fun. Lots of hard work, of course, but lots of fun, too.

What about you? 
Who would you choose?


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