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Blog-tember, Day 10: A Day in the Life of Bailey Jean

Alright, y'all. Here goes nothing! Well, here goes something new! For today's prompt I'm attempting a widget that should capture my day via Instagram and share it here. If it doesn't work... I'll fix it later. All else fails, I'll just update throughout the day ;) Yup, it didn't work.... so the daily updates are live on Instagram and every few hours here! Be sure to check back tonight to see the full day!

Can't wait to see how you spend your days! Let's do this thing!

Saturday, Sept. 10: A day in your life! Take us through it with you by sharing a photo each hour of the day.

9:01am - Rise and shine! After a late night of making wedding decorations for my sister, I got to sleep in (well, slightly). 

10:14am - It's a Goodwill run, furniture painting, projects with mom sort of day. Of course, two minutes after I took this picture it started POURING

11:03am - UPS and USPS in a matter of minutes! We are getting stuff done today, and a couple of people are getting some happy mail this week!

12:09pm - Picking out paint for my dresser and nightstands. Primer, granite gray, then white detailing and distressing. Here we go!

1:10pm - First coat of primer DONE (spray paint)! It's been sunshine yellow for six years since I bought it that way at Goodwill (for only $25) and probably years before that. Time to change it up!

2:10pm - Primer round 2 on the dresser, primer round 1 on the drawers. George Straight on Pandora for the win (and my sweet mama who made us lunch is doing the dishes and spoiling me rotten by prepping food for the week).

3:16pm - Dresser has one coat of granite gray, the second coat of primer is on the drawers, and bridesmaids' bouquets as well as ceremony aisle decorations have been made! Now to organize the second bathroom and load mom's car to go.

Your turn! How are you spending YOUR day?!


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