Do Not Disturb: A Designer Hat DIY

Wednesday, August 17, 2016
The summer sun is a beautiful thing, but I have to admit that it's not always my best friend. Being fair-skinned and light-eyed means I'm constantly applying and reapplying 100+ SPF sunscreen and wearing bug-eyed sunglasses to stay sun-safe. It wasn't until recently that I discovered the wonder that is the giant floppy hat. I gave my first one a try when deep sea fishing in Florida, and I'm sad to say that it flew off into the waves halfway through the day.

Image credit: Neiman Marcus

When I found these gorgeous hats by Eugenia Kim, I fell instantly in love with the sparkly sequins and sassy sayings, but my heart broke over the $485 price tag. No way, no how, was I going to spend THAT much money on a hat I'd wear three months out of the year. But be still my heart, I couldn't get those hats out of my head.

It took a little brainstorming and inventive thinking, but I decided to try my hand at re-creating the hat for a fraction of the price. One trip to Target and Hobby Lobby later, and I was set to go! To my surprise it was a piece of cake, and I thought I'd share the details below!

Supply List:

  • wide-brimmed hat
  • 1-inch black ribbon
  • single-strand black sequin trim
  • straight pins
  • hot glue gun and glue
  • foam poster board
  • black marker/precision pen
  • scissors

Luckily I already had most of the supplies on hand. The only things I had to purchase were the wide-brimmed hat ($14.99 at Target) and the trim/ribbon. I bought one roll of black ribbon for $2.99 at Hobby Lobby, and I bought two rolls of sequin trim for $3.99 each, but I used a 40% off coupon because, well, I could. 

First, secure the hat to the poster board with straight pins and lay on a flat surface after removing any tags or excess detailing.  As you can see here, my hat had a gold braided cord lightly sewn along the cap. I simply cut it loose and set it aside.

Second, place the sequin trim in the desired design and secure it to the hat temporarily with straight pins. I pushed the pins all the way through to further fasten the hat to the poster board, and this gave me the freedom to adjust the words to the appropriate style and size without fear of messing up. When you reach the end of the word, cut the sequin trim and secure the end with a straight pin.

I chose to go with the "Do Not Disturb" style, but I get the feeling the "Fiesta Not Siesta" design will be my next undertaking.

Third, lightly trace your design with the pen. I ran the point of the pen just under the sequins one section at a time to know exactly where to place the glue.

Fourth, section by section, lift the sequins to reveal the tracing, then run a thin line of hot glue over the design, removing the straight pins as you go. I pressed the sequins in place with the balled end of a straight pen to keep from gluing myself to the hat. Believe me, that happened more than once ;) I personally hate the hot glue gun strings, but leave those be for now. We'll get rid of those later.

Repeat steps 2 through 4 until all words are secured to the hat. Use single sequins to top off any fraying ends of each word or to hide thick glue spots. Once your words are in place, cut a piece if 1-inch thick ribbon to run around the cap of the hat. You can hot glue or hand stitch this into place.

Finally, Let it dry then lightly blow over it with a hairdryer to remove the hot glue cobwebs/strings. Those things annoy the FIRE out of me, so I'm always glad to see them go.

And VOILA! A designer hat DIY for a fraction of the price! Like I said, Fiesta not Siesta is next on my list, and I'm sure I'll post a snap of it sooner or later.

Let me know if you give it a try! 
I'd love to see your DIY!
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