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Back to School with Sadie Robertson

August in Texas means heat. HOT HOT HOT temperatures, bright sunlight, and running from door to car to door again in search of air conditioning. But it also means the start of school, and THAT has always been my silver lining. Bouquets of sharpened pencils, vibrant markers, color-coordinated folders and binders. When I was in school, I loved shopping for new goodies, and now that I'm a teacher I wander the aisles with just as much glee.

When I saw the newest Sadie Robertson goodies by DaySpring, my stationery loving heart jumped for joy! I can absolutely picture these going with me to and from school and helping in my first year of teaching!

Up first was the Shine Cosmetic Pouch. It fits the latest Illustrated Faith kit (to be released on Monday), and I've got a mind's eye to use it to carry some Bible journaling supplies with me on the go. Or, you know, I could use it as a cosmetic pouch as is suggested, but the other sounds much more fun. ;)

Up next is the ADORABLE Be You Trinket Dish. Shanna shared it in her unboxing video and I swooned! I don't know when it was, but I discovered an affinity for the whimsical and oft-one-footed flamingo back in high school. They're just so fun and quirky! Plus they're pink. I'll never out grow that one as a favorite color.

I'm always forgetting to take off my jewelry before climbing into bed, so perching this dish on my night stand catches every stray earring or necklace so I can get some rest.

I'm a journal loving kind of girl, and I have been known to fly through them. Naturally when I saw the Be You-tiful Journal I immediately set it aside to be next on my list. I've filled around twenty journals since starting college, chock full of prayers, daily doings, song lyrics, and dreams, and I absolutely plan to put this one to work when the next volume comes to an end.

I couldn't share these goodies without the school supplies I bragged about at the beginning. The Live Original Jumbo Notepad is just the ticket! No really, it's perfect for listing to-do's and grocery needs, and I keep moving it from room to room as I have new ideas.

Now here's a dynamic duo! The Shine/You Are Valuable Notebooks have my mind spinning with many ideas for how to use them! Maybe to journal through the new IF kit or to take notes for my lesson plans during the week. I also like to keep a notepad on my night stand to catch any middle of the night revelations or last minute to-do's that I'll forget before morning. The watercolor and gold-foil gem stones are so lovely, I'm going to have such a hard time deciding how to use them!

Last but certainly not least, the Hold On Here Travel Mug is a must-have! I'm not a coffee drinker, but I love hot chocolate in the winter and cold tea in the summer to fight away the heat. My drive to work is shorter than the walk from my classroom to the nearest fridge, so I'm keeping my drink of choice in hand on my way to first period. I love that the feather pattern matches the large notebook, and it even went so well with my green and gold yearbook photo outfit, if I do say so myself.

Whether you're the student, teacher, anything beyond or in-between, I'm sure one or two of these might make your summer fade into fall with a bit of fashion and flare! I know it's doing a number on my new routine.

What's your favorite thing about this season? 
Anything catch your eye from Sadie Robertson's new collection?

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