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Adventuring in New York City, Part I

Just writing the title of this post I had half a dozen tunes floating through my head. From little orphan Annie singing “N…Y… C…!” at the top of her lungs to T. Swift’s opening track “Welcome to New York,” the Big Apple has had its share of love songs. After last week I can certainly see why.

I always knew my first trip to New York would be special, but I didn’t know in what way. When Claire and I signed up for the Broadway Teachers Workshop earlier in the spring, I knew I wanted to make the most of my time in the city, but I also wanted to limit myself (and my wallet) to seeing as many shows for as inexpensive as possible. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to do that and we used them ALL.

Our workshop was a three-day weekend full of master classes and musicals, mingling with other teachers, and prepping for the year to come. I arrived in New York a full week ahead of time to spend the weekend (and my birthday!) with a dear friend from college. Micah and I explored parts of New Jersey as well as the city, but it was HOT HOT HOT. On my birthday we had brunch at The Standard before wandering Chelsea Market and the High Line, but we were soon melting under the sun and decided to ferry back home.

We met up with her friends for drinks at House of ‘Que (yes, this Texas girl went to an “authentic Austin barbeque” place in New York) and to wait out an unexpected rainstorm. We’d been there the night before to watch the dueling pianos which was INCREDIBLE. While we were there, a children’s birthday party was going on in the front of the restaurant. When they left, a single Elmo balloon remained floating over one of the tables. One of our group snagged it and insisted that we keep it. Once Micah’s friends found out it was my birthday, they insisted on singing to me, and I posed for a picture with said Elmo balloon. Doesn’t everyone have Sesame Street characters at their 25th birthday party?

A few minutes later a toddler went running by, eyes wide and pointing happily at the balloon. One of the girls took it down and tried to give it to her, but the poor thing went off screaming and crying to her mom. It was hilarious and sad at the same time. Once the rain let up we headed back to her apartment, but not before picking up junk food and face masks for a girls’ night in. We ordered pizza and watched our way through 13 Going on 30 and The Prince & Me.

On Sunday we went to church then camped out at a Starbucks to get some work done. We went to the local beer garden and chatted over some super chill live music before going to see a movie. That’s a whole other story… I’ll keep it short and say the major takeaway? Don’t trust the ticket gal when she tells you the theatre number. It could be very, very wrong…

On Monday Micah went back to work, and I got up for a phone interview with a high school back in Texas. It went very well and I hung up feeling confident and expectant. For those of you have been following along with my job hunt journey, you know it’s been going a long time without any fruit. It felt great to leave that call knowing I had done my best and with the hope of a job on the horizon.

Shortly thereafter Claire flew into town and we made our way to our hotel just off Times Square. It was there, standing in the middle of the hustle and bustle, that I got a phone call with a JOB OFFER! Praise the Lord! I accepted it then and there and immediately felt such relief and peace! It looked like I’d be moving to Aggieland after all ;)

To say I was on cloud 9 would be an understatement, and that joy carried me through the week. We saw 8 shows in 6 days, mostly musicals with one straight play for a matinee, and I returned home so excited to begin the next chapter. This week that chapter begins with organizing my storage room and hunting for an apartment. Next week we will load the moving van and make the move officially.

Stay tuned for more details on the shows I saw. Those deserve a post of their own.

Have you ever been to NYC? What was your favorite part?!

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