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A Breakup Letter to Snapchat... Two Years Late

My Dearest Snapchat,

Actually, that isn't fair. I shouldn't call you that. After a year of abandonment, though I think of you fondly, I've lost the right to call you "my dearest". I picture the look you're giving me right now, complete with some sassy filter, glaring a la America to Maxon saying "I'm not your dear" and walking off, or signing off, in a huff. 

(And for my letter-readers who haven't read The Selection yet, consider this my breakup letter to you until you do... Go. Read. Now!)

Anywho. Snapchat, you shiny, sultry, sneaky, scheming thing you. We had fun once, didn't we? And then... for some reason... we didn't... Maybe it was you, maybe it was me, but something had to give. You shook in your square on my screen, waiting for me to move you into another folder, as I often did, and then I broke your heart, swept the slate clean, and clicked the shivering "X" in your top left corner. 

Maybe it was you, maybe it was me.

Recently, I've looked back upon you with fondness. Stepping into other people's snapchats, watching their lives float by, rooting for the romance of Mystery Girl and Viking Fan with the rest of the internet, and I wondered... what if? What if we made a comeback? What if I gave you a second chance? What if I took the plunge and put you back in your place of honor, right next to Instagram on the top right of my screen?

I had it all planned out. I was going to roll out the red carpet and snap away on my first trip to New York City later this month, filling the world with envy over my adventures. They'd follow as I fan-girled over seeing Hamilton, got lost in the Big Apple, and ate every last Instagram worthy dessert I could get our hands on. I'd ring in 25 with style, you at my side, and all would be well.

However, that is not to be. 

Was it you, you sneaky Snapchat, that convinced Spotify to play "Stand by Me" just now? If so, you're cute and clever, but we're never getting back together. Ever. 

Now that I've got old school T. Swift on my side, I feel like I can see this through. Yes, it would be fun. Yes, it would be easy. Yes, we'd have a grand old time and everyone would be green with envy. But no, ain't nobody *this girl* got time for that. At least, I'm not willing to make time.

In a world where we are glued to our phones, the goal for me is NOT to pick up my phone MORE. I want to experience my travels not watch them pass by through a filtered lens. (You don't want to know how many times I've checked Instagram while writing this. You'd be jealous.) 

You may be cute, and you may look fun, but I knew you were trouble when you walked in.

You may be listed under "essentials" in the app store, but you're not essential to me.

Swifty references aside, I'm trying to clear some of the clutter. Just because I have the capability to do something does NOT mean I have the capacity to do something. Just because I COULD add something to my day/routine/plan does not mean I SHOULD. And sometimes a social media channel must fall into that category. 

So this is goodbye. Forever. And ever. And ever.

Or until I change my mind ;) 

Bailey Jean

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