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25th Birthday Wishlist

FIVE DAYS. That's it, friends. I'm FIVE DAYS away from turning twenty-five. What. in. the. WORLD?! I am equal parts excited and terrified. Eager and hesitant. Embracing and in denial. Twenty-five feels big. It feels different. I mean, it's a QUARTER OF A CENTURY. I think it's safe to say the quarter-life-crisis started a few months prematurely, but what can ya do? ;)

With this in mind, today I'm sharing my birthday wish list and I'm oh-so-excited about it! Come on, what says "Happy 25th Birthday!" like a coloring book? Nothing, if you ask me. Except maybe a trip to Disney World which I'd wholeheartedly accept. Just saying.

I don't have anywhere to hang it, but I'm dreaming of swinging in that macrame hammock. I've also been a Vera Bradley girl for YEARS, but I've recently decided to sell my old patterns in favor of the newly released Baylor collegiate green and the classic black. Any other Vera girls out there?

And the hand lettering on the stamp, tee, and print! I have all the heart eyes for various types of calligraphy, so these certainly fit the bill! I'd also be happy to pretend to be a pro in the kitchen with the floral and gingham apron/oven mitt set. Who wants to come to dinner?

While I'm five days away from turning twenty-five, I'm only FOUR days away from visiting New York City for the first time. It's gonna be a big week! I'll be sure to recap it here, but make sure you follow the adventure on Instagram at @lovebaileyjean.

Any of these catch your eye?
What would YOU wish for on your 25th?!

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