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Tuesday, May 17, 2016
What a whirlwind, y'all! Oh my heavens. The last stretch of grad school came and went in a hurry, and you know what?! I HAVE A MASTERS IN THEATRE! Wooohoooo!!!! If that's not a cause for celebration I don't know what is. 

Summer vacation is in full swing and I'm back in the great state of Texas --okay, THAT'S another reason to happy dance-- for GOOD! But the whirlwind has only just ended and the dust is finally settling at my feet, so I thought I'd update you on a little of what's been going on in life lately. 

1. I've been blogging for Illustrated Faith!
Did you know I'm a monthly blogger for Illustrated Faith? I'm on the creative team again and I am SO THRILLED for what's ahead with this company! IF has changed my life, and the women on the creative team have been such an encouragement. Read all about them HERE.

My first entry for IF this month was about prayer and love, the water and sunshine needed to bloom in faith. I made a mess with this page but it did so much good for my soul, and it's a message I need to take to heart myself. Read all about it HERE

My second post was about finding comfort in the Word. Do you see a trend here? I so often write what my own heart needs to hear. There are so many places we look to for satisfaction and comfort, but the Word is where we can find true healing and encouragement. Read more HERE

2. I have re-read and FINISHED The Selection Series! 
I have been looking forward to the final book, The Crown, coming out for so long, and it arrived on my door step just before graduation!  However I decided to re-read the series since it had been so long, and I'm SO glad that I did! There were a bunch of small details that I forgot. I now have my mom reading the series, and she's getting so good at guessing what happens.

Honestly, I think the final two books should have been three books (I wanted more details in some areas!) but I loved them all the same. And I would have HATED to have to wait another six months for the final books. So we're all good ;) If you haven't read them yet, GO DO IT NOW!

I recommend reading them in this order (links provided below):
3. The One

3. There are TWO grads in the family!
My sister and I graduated a week apart. I finished a MA in Theatre and she got her BS in Kinesiology. I am soooooooooooo proud of how hard she's worked these past four years! She's kicked butt and taken names the WHOLE way. 

We've also gotten really close over the past few years which is such a gift, and she is now one of my best friends.  Way to go, Shelbs! You've got a bright future ahead of ya ;)

4. The #100illustrateddays Challenge is going strong!
I shared in this post about the challenges I was diving into, and I'm pleased to say that I'm more than a quarter of the way through my 100 Day Project challenge of illustrating a page in my Bible every day.  It has been so refreshing, so fun, and my Bible is bursting at the seams! 

Have you been doing the 100 Day Challenge? Find all of my illustrations HERE.

5. I survived a tornado...
Okay, so maybe the tornado was on the other side of town, but the sirens still went off which was SCARY and we all headed down to the basement for a good hour or so. I was reading The Heir at the time (all the praise hands for a good book to keep me company!) and the other girls hiding out with me had cute dogs. So that helped. 

But y'all, look at that picture again! It was intense, let me tell ya! I am SO thankful to be out of Tornado Alley. Hopefully we don't get any of that weather here now.

There you have it, friends! 
What have YOU been up to lately?

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