All Quiet on the Blogging Front

Wednesday, March 9, 2016
Sweet, sweet friends. You may have seen this coming. I know I did, but I kept putting it off and kept putting it off. This year started like a rocket, and if I'm being completely honest with myself, as things got rolling I let the year take off with me barely hanging on for dear life.

I did some travel, directed a show, and applied for my first post-grad job.

But I also stopped taking care of me, said yes to too many things, and was in denial for far too long.

It has finally caught up with me. 

March started last week and I kicked myself for not posting my goals on day one, for slacking on the book club in only the third month, and letting my posting schedule be buried under my bed. Literally, my calendar is covered in dust and on the floor.

Over the past few weeks I have said time and time again that I'm barely keeping all the plates spinning.

It's time to let a few of them fall. Why? Because nowhere does it say that I have to keep all the plates spinning. 

Sometimes your best yes is an intentional no, and in this case I am saying no to blogging for a while. This break will cover March, for sure, and quite possibly all the way until graduation. Believe me I came up with every excuse in the book of why I "HAD" to keep going, but I got exhausted and anxious just thinking about it.

I truly love spending time with you all in this corner of the internet, but my heart needs more margin. I need space to breathe, time to rest, and one less plate to spin. For now, Brave Love Blog is the plate being set aside.

With all this in mind, I am confident that I'll be back, but I'm not going to put a definitive date on things. I have major papers to finish, a job to obtain, a semester to finish strong, and my heart/health to tend to in the coming weeks. Brave Love Blog will be back in action soon enough, but for now I'm pressing pause.

Even typing this out is bringing a rush of relief and lifting a weight off my shoulders. That's how I know it's the right move.

You'll still find me on social media, as that is something I can easily navigate on my walks to and from class. I've been on Instagram way more anyway, so the book club and things of that nature will continue there :) You'll find me on Periscope a few times a week, and on Twitter now and again, so be sure to follow along there for updates and glimpses of my journey along the way.

Thank you for all your love, friendship, and patience! 
It means the world to me!
See you over at @baileyjrobert :)

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