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The Single Girl's Guide to Project Life

Happiest of Fridays, my friends! It's my last Friday of freedom before the semester kicks off on Monday, and with it comes all the crazy of prepping to graduate and directing my show. WOO! By the grace of God this semester will be the best one yet and so stretching along the way.

Today I wanted to share about something I am SO SO excited about, and that is getting back into Project Life for 2016! I had big plans for 2015... and those fell to the wayside so fast, it's ridiculous. I've done a little recap album which I will share soon, but today I wanted to return to one of my favorite posts to remind myself that THIS IS DOABLE! 

Project Life is scrapbooking made easy, after all. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, Project Life uses pocket pages with cards of varying sizes that can be inserted on their own or embellished to your heart's desire. I have been using Project Life for over a year now  (or planning to and hoarding supplies....) and I don't see quitting any time soon!

At first I was overwhelmed and almost deterred by what I found when I went on the hunt for inspiration (see my Pinterest). Everyone was documenting play dates and date nights, five children and fur children, and I began to wonder, Do I have anything really worth documenting? I'm not married, I don't have toddlers or terriers, and most of my photos consist of food, flowers, and random finds. Why would I even try this? 

Well, insert my favorite phrase and current motto hereSAVOR YOUR SEASON. Simply because I'm single doesn't mean life is on pause. There is plenty to celebrate, and documenting it in a creative way cultivates excitement over the every day and contentment in your current circumstances. So what if it consists of selfies and shots of my journal? 

This is what my life looks like and it is worth celebrating!

As I'm going into this year, I've been looking back over previous posts and below are the tips I shared a while back to motivate both you and I to dive on in. Shall we go for it?

The Single Girl's Guide to Project Life

1. Find what works for you. There are so many different ways to get started with Project Life. The albums come in all shapes and sizes, spreads (the combination of side-by-side pages) can be organized by week or month, standing alone or coordinating, and you can find PL kits in all sorts of themes and colors.

I bought one of the original sizes, a 12x12 album, and stocked up on pocket pages, but I did not make a single spread. It was too large, too much to handle, and not practical for my season.  Last year they debuted a 9x12 which I tried and again, it was simply too big. This year I am returning to my favorite size, 6x8! Woohoo!

2. Don't break the bank. You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to start your storytelling with Project Life. Make use of coupon apps for Hobby Lobby and Michael's to gather the basics/higher priced items. They almost always have a 40% coupon available that can cut an album down from $20 to just over $10 with ease. Also, the Target dollar section is your friend. It is my go to for small storage containers.

I would also recommend considering a monthly subscription. I found that $20 a month for a carefully curated kit from Studio Calico, Ali Edwards, or A Beautiful Mess kept me from wandering the aisles and spending wayyy too much at a craft store when I knew I had goodies coming in the mail. The kits are usually themed, season appropriate, and color coordinate quite nicely. I also use the boxes from previous kits for storage of mementos, pages in progress, and embellishments.

2016 Calendar printable coming to my Etsy shop next week!

3. "The best camera is the one you have with you." I first heard this from Ashley Ann's photography classes and I have found it is SO TRUE! I have a fancy (aka bulky) Canon Rebel which takes great pictures, but my iPhone is always on me. Even when traveling abroad I took my DSLR in hopes of capturing the great views but it was more cumbersome than convenient. For documenting my day to day, I stick to my phone and it has made such a difference! I take so many more photos than what I share on Instagram or Facebook, and into my album they go.

There are dozens of apps out there that can edit your photos while on your phone without the need for the more expensive Photoshop. My favorites include Pic-Tap-GoVSCOcam, and Afterglow. I use PicStitch and the Canon iEPP apps to print my photos straight from my phone to my Selphy photo printer. The quality is somewhat lacking and the resizing isn't perfect, but it suits my needs and this season. If I'm patient, I'll wait for the e-mail from Shutterfly to come in offering 101 free prints. In fact, that's how I printed all of my photos for my 2014 albums and it only cost me a few bucks in shipping!

4. Little moments matter. Out for brunch with a friend? Snap a shot of your french toast and berries! Off for a jog around the lake? Capture those sneakers on a well-worn path! Movie date (alone or with friends)? Tuck your ticket stub in your pocket! Nothing is too little to document in my opinion! I include images from the web on whatever shows I'm watching, typically with a journaling card detailing anything special that happened that week or that episode, and since I am a list loving gal I include "eating, reading, thinking, hoping, wearing" on the regular. It's the little day-to-day moments we will forget, so keep those written down!

You can find more of my Project Life updates on Instagram @baileyjrobert. I shared a sneak peek of the insert I made last night recapping my first time watching The Bachelor. (Y'all, those girls be crazy! And Ben is quite adorable... just saying.) Stay tuned for more updates, printable products, and fun collaborations!

What about YOU? How do you document your days? 

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