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Believe in 2016: January Goals

Hello and happy Monday, y'all! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and is off to a happy new year ;) My first few days of 2016 were spent out of town with great friends, and thankfully they also included some downtime to journal and process about this upcoming season. Last Friday I shared my first set of goals for 2016, and today I'm coming back at ya with goals my January goals. 

Last year I shared goals each month with a recap of the previous month's, but this year I'm going to break it down a bit further. At the beginning of thee month I'll share my new goals, and just before the end of the month I'll update you on the progress that has been made. PLUS, this year I'm going to include my daily and weekly goals in the mix! These will correlate with my monthly Tending List in the PowerSheets, and will be divide as follows:

Monthly goals: These can include a wide variety of things, ranging from the BIG monthly to-do's to events on the calendar that I am looking forward to. The fun things are just as important as the practical things, and listing them up top prioritizes them and provides balance. These will get more of an explanation while the others will only be listed.

Weekly goals: These are items that can contribute to monthly goals and yearly goals (quarterly really with the new breakdown) and provide further accountability for my daily goals. 

Daily goals: Most of these are habits that I either want to continue or plant in this season, from prayer to power walking around campus, smaller more attainable goals. I have NEVER fully checked off my daily goals, so it is more about seeing the progress not perfection.

Making January Happen
Verse of the month: Matthew 6:19-21
Monthly Goals:
1. Spend a week prepping for the semester. That's this week! I'm excited for some alone time and a few days to be productive before the school year kicks off again.
2. Visit Seattle for Erin & Ben's wedding. Ahhh! I cannot wait to go back and see the beautiful city and party it up at the wedding with all of my friends! It's only a few short weeks away. Eep!
3. Finish my thesis/creative component writing. I want to knock out the biggest chunk of it this week and hope to have the rewrites finished and defended before the month is over.
4. Direct Almost, Maine well. My show gets a second round on the main stage in February, so this month is all about getting the gang back together and re-blocking for the new set/space. I can't wait for y'all to see the pictures!
5. Make progress on my teaching certificate. My hope is to teach in the fall, and I've signed up for a program to get my teaching certificate this semester. I need to fix a time to work on it into my schedule.
6. Actually attend/watch the Influence Network class I signed up for. I am the WORST about this. There are so many classes I pay for with my membership and never actually watch. This month I plan to catch Jess's class on my day off from class. Maybe even live, who knows?!
7. Host the Brave Love Book Club.  I am so excited to read Restless by Jennie Allen with you all! I started into it a few days early and it is oh so good. More details on this month's read coming on Wednesday.
8. Read 5+ books. One of my yearly goals is 52 books in 52 weeks, and I'm secretly hoping to surpass that! So far my reading list for January includes Restless, Living Well Spending Less, Ordering Your Private World, Fangirl, and The Circle Maker. I want to work more fiction in there, but we'll see.
9. Contribute to the Illustrated Faith team. I have a few blog posts coming up here on the blog AND on the Illustrated Faith site this month. You don't want to miss all the fun reveals about new products and some exciting things on the horizon! 

Weekly Goals:
1. Follow the Revelation Wellness Feed More 2 Weigh Less guide. *
2. Journal through the In the Wait study. *
3. Go to the gym or do a video work out at home 3x's.
4. Make progress on Almost, Maine writing.
5. Take care of Illustrated Faith responsibilities.
6. Meet with the girls for discipleship.
7. Take a social media free day.
8. Contribute to my 2016 savings challenge. *
*More on these to come in future blog posts.

At first these lists made me feel overwhelmed at all of the to-do's, but when broken down into smaller daily items as well as grouping weekly and monthly tasks, I am excited to see what progress this breakdown really brings. Many of them overlap which helps.

Daily Goals:
1. Prayer.
2. Dedicated devotional time.
3. #illustratedfaithdaily2016.
4. Make meals at home.
5. No spending money.
6. Get active.
7. Read 20 minutes before bed (instead of scrolling social media).

There you have it! January is a big transition back to school and brings with it a new routine which I cannot wait to begin. There's something about this first month of the year that feels so hopeful and open to the possibility of... well... ANYTHING!

For more inspiration, check out Lara Casey's Goal Setting series!
She's got a great giveaway attached, too! ;)
So what are YOUR goals for the month?
What do you want to make happen this January?

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