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Currently in January

Hello, hello! I'm writing to you from the airport in Seattle, soaking in the rain spattering against the giant windows as I wait for my friend Emily to pick me up when she gets off work. It feels so good to be back in this city. Since I had a little downtime, I thought I'd update you on what my world looks like lately. Enjoy!

Reading... I started The Heir by Keira Cass on the flight from OKC to Dallas, and I finished it on the flight from Dallas to Seattle. Oops ;) And now I have to wait until MAY for The Crown to be released! Siiiiiiigh. I am also reading Living Well, Spending Less by Ruth Soukup, and I brought Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard for the flight home next week. Oh, and I can't forget Restless for the Brave Love Book Club. Link up with your review next Wednesday!
Playing... nothing right now. There's a musician in the food court serenading us while singing and playing the guitar, so no other music needed.
Watching... the rain drizzle over Seattle. It's a glorious sight I have missed so much!
Trying... to eat well this weekend even though I'm traveling. I've switched to a high fat, low carb WOE as my mom calls it (way of eating) and have already seen progress since Christmas! However, it's sooooooo tempting to eat all the fun things while here, so we'll see how it goes.
Cooking... so. much. food. This new plan has me making all of my meals at home, which has actually made a huge change, and Mom even helped last weekend. You know what we discovered? I had never used my oven.... and I've lived there OVER A YEAR! Oops.
Eating... Qdoba. It figures I'd come to Seattle and grab lunch at a chain we have right next to campus. But whatever. It's queso was calling my name.
Drinking... unsweet tea. They don't even know what sweet tea is here, I'm not kidding.
Calling... my certification program to get the ball rolling. Getting prepped to teach in Texas next fall!
Texting... with my sweet sister. We also recently set up a group text for me, her, and Mom, and I came out of rehearsal to 30-something notifications the other night. Sheesh ;)
Pinning... project life spreads and Valentines decorations. I have a fun post planned about decorating on the cheap coming next week!
Tweeting... not as much as I used to. And I'm kind of okay with that. But when I do tweet it's fangirling about Hamilton. 'Cause it's the best!
Going... to Ben and Erin's wedding this weekend! I am SO SO SO excited for them!
Loving...  A Color Story photo editing app. I'm usually a Pictapgo girl, but this is changing the game! 
Discovering... that I'm not a klutz in the kitchen after all. Or at least not as much of one as I thought I was!
Thinking... about recording a few more vlogs in the near future. Yay or nay?
Feeling... excited about what is ahead! There are a lot of unknowns in my future, but I cannot wait to see what the Lord has up His sleeve!
Hoping (for)... a refreshing, restful, and friend-filled weekend here in Seattle! What a great break from the school craziness.
Listening (to)... the musician in the food court still. He's actually pretty good.
Celebrating... Sarah's 25th birthday tomorrow and Erin's wedding on Saturday! Woohoo!
Smelling... the pizza the guy sitting beside me is eating. Mmmmmmmm.
Ordering... well, pre-ordering a few books. I took a look at my Amazon account and realized I placed orders AGES ago for books coming out in the near future. It will be like Christmas!
Thanking... my Seattle friends in advance for carting me around all weekend. I'm carless and oh so grateful for my chauffeurs ;)
Considering... wearing my new glasses more often. They're so fun! And I definitely wear my contacts long than I should.
Starting... to regret not bringing my raincoat. This is Seattle after all! Such a rookie move.
Finishing... my blog post for the Illustrated Faith blog next week! I'm up on the blog today, did you see?

What are YOU up to currently?

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