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Brave Love Book Club: January 2016

Sometimes you think you're super savvy and write blog posts well ahead of time... 
but then you forget to schedule them. Oops! Thanks for the grace, y'all ;)
It's here! The Brave Love Book Club launches today! I cannot tell you how excited I am to journey with you all through these books in 2016. The first one already has my heart stirring in twelve directions, and I have big expectations for what the rest of the book will bring. 

This month we are reading Restless by Jennie Allen
"What would happen if God got bigger than your fear and insecurity, 
and you spent the rest of your life running after his purposes for you?"

So find your way to a bookstore or the library, or borrow the book from a friend if you can, and dig in with us! I laid out the outline of the Brave Love Book Club HERE, but for clarity below is the breakdown once more: 

  • The FIRST Wednesday of each month I will share discussion questions, journaling prompts, extra resources, and Periscope dates for the book of the month. I will also announce the book selection for the following month so you have time to hunt down a good deal or check it out from the library.
  • There will be TWO Periscope dates, on the 2nd and 3rd week of each month, to discuss the book, ask questions, and connect about what we are learning.  If you can't tune in live, they will be available for 24 hours after the initial broadcast, and I am hunting for a way to post them online as well. (Find me @baileyjrobert!)
  • On the LAST Wednesday of each month we will link up our response/review in blogpost form (feel free to write about the book any time during the month, but this is the day I will host the link up with some added discussion questions for comments)!
  • I will be sharing thoughts and questions throughout the month on my Instagram, so follow along at @baileyjrobert and the hashtag #bravelovebookclub.

  • Here are the January dates you need to know:
    Wednesday, January 6 (TODAY! Yesterday....): Details, Prompts, + Dates for Restless
    Wednesday, January 13: Periscope #1 @ 12:00pm*
    Wednesday, January 20: Periscope #2 @ 12:00pm*
    Wednesday, January 27: Review + Link-Up for Restless
    *These times may change once I get my school schedule, just FYI.

    I am only a chapter or so into the book thus far, but I am loving it! Speaking right to my soul! I picked up the Restless Study Guide at Barnes & Noble (around $10) before the New Year, and while it is technically supposed to go with the video series, it does offer some interesting questions and further study. This is NOT required for the Brave Love Book Club, but if you are looking for a way to dig deeper, it is certainly an option! 

    Below are some questions/ prompts I've come up with to get us started, either journaling, Instagramming, blogging, however you want to respond! Also, feel free to leave your answers in the comments of this post AND to respond to others joining in! How fun would it be to get the convo going here?!

    January Prompts/Questions:
    • Before you go any further, take a good look at where you are. I'd encourage you to take a scratch sheet of paper or a page in your journal and write out anything and everything you can think of about your current season, about who you are and what you do, and any of those BIG DREAMS that have been tumbling around in the back of your mind. Put it on paper and hold it in your hands. Talk about a strong starting point, both clearing our heads and starting to put words to the restlessness in our hearts.
    • Where in your life do you feel restless? Is there a particular time of the year that makes you crave something more? What do you think the Lord could be saying as we start our journey through Restless?
    • Look at the what if's in your life. WHAT would life look like IF I believed God really wanted to use me and my dreams? WHAT would life look like IF I stepped out in faith today? WHAT would I do IF I took one action step toward my dream today? 
    • Then ask the Lord, What dreams do YOU have for my life? What dreams do I have that YOU want to see happen? What do YOU want me to pursue and prioritize in this season? What do YOU want me to let go of to further chase YOUR dreams?

    Like I said, these are starting points to get us going, and I am sure we will come up with more as we read through the book! I am truly so excited to journey with you all through Restless this January. I cannot wait to see what the Lord does in our hearts and lives through it!

    Before you go, it is my pleasure to announce February's selection:
    Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

    Now let's get to reading, writing, and digging into Restless with Jesus!

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