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BLOG-TEMBER DAY 5 | iTunes Tells All

Come to think about it, I should have added a sixth passion to yesterday's list. What would it be? MUSIC. I am not a musician, but I am passionate about music. I almost always have music playing, making different playlists for seasons, events, months even. Music is a powerful thing and I wish I could have it actually underscore my days like in the movies ;) Today's challenge prompt came to me almost on accident; I decided to play through the songs on iTunes instead of going to my current playlist, and I laughed out loud at my findings! So, here we go.

Saturday, September 5: Put your iTunes/music player on shuffle and share the first 10 songs that play.

Bailey Jean's iTunes Shuffle

1. "Do You Hear What I Hear?" by Kristin Chenoweth
2. "Dobby the House Elf" by John Williams
3. "Human Again" from Beauty & the Beast, the broadway musical
4. "Way Down South" by Josh Turner
5. "Epilogue" from Frozen
6. "Underdog" by the Jonas Brothers
7. "Footloose" from Footloose
8. "Sing Me Sweet" by Matt Nathanson
9. "Colorful" by Will Reagan & United Pursuit
10. "How He Loves Me" by Needtobreathe

What a fun mix! I have far too much a lot of Christmas music saved from over the years, and I definitely listen to it all year round, especially when I'm studying. It brightens my mood! I also have a TON of movie scores including all of the Harry Potter movies. I particularly love period dramas and Nicholas Sparks movies to listen to when reading. Disney follows suit with almost every classic animated film soundtrack (the broadway versions, too) and I have a playlist entitled "Disney Workout" that is a weekly favorite.

I have to admit that I still have plenty of boybands including Jonas Brothers, NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees, and the list goes on and on. Matt Nathanson, Ben Rector (have you heard his new CD?!), Dave Barnes, and Ross David all fall into the same category for me, and they're an everyday fave. However, my iTunes is dominated by country music, worship songs, and musical soundtracks. Now that's the soundtrack to my life!

Just for kicks, I included the next five. They made me smile:
11. "Kiss the Girl" from The Little Mermaid, the broadway musical
12. "Rose's Theme" from Titanic
13. "Sing Holy" by Bryan & Katie Torwalt
14. "Everything" by Michael Bible
15. "It's Gonna Be Me" by NSYNC

You've had glimpse into my music library, and now it's your turn. 
Turn on shuffle and share what comes next!

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