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BLOG-TEMBER DAY 4 | Present Passions

I love people who ask good questions. I have a handful of friends notoriously GREAT at asking questions. They keep the conversation going and really make me think. Recently we started tweeting about some of our favorite questions, several of which were silly ones or Bible study icebreakers from college, but some of them really stand out. You'll find a couple throughout this challenge, and the first you will see is today's prompt.

Friday, September 4: What are you passionate about?

How much more fun is that than "What do you do for a living?" and "What are you studying?" Yes, I love to know those things too and they can ABSOLUTELY be what you are passionate about, but sometimes people have other passions that sneak in there and absolutely delight you.

My faith. This one falls at the top of the list for several reasons. The first is because I truly want to choose Christ first. It isn't always easy, but it has made the biggest difference. I accepted Christ as my Savior when I was 5-years-old. I vividly remember the day it happened, staying in from recess to pray with my teacher. I also remember my kindergarten self being annoyed that the girl sitting next to me decided to do it at the same time. I obviously needed Jesus from the get-go ;) But making the decision to follow Jesus has impacted every other decision I would face over the next nineteen years. From where I would go to college to what I would do after graduating, from dating and friendship disasters, daily routines and so on, Jesus has turned my life upside down and made it so much better. I  want to be more passionate and bold in sharing it here on the blog and in the "real world" too. I would not be the same without it, and I believe placing your trust in Jesus is the biggest game changer and best decision you can make in your life.

Family. Goodness gracious, I love my family. I have been blessed beyond measure when I look at my family tree, and they, too, have been a HUGE part of making me who I am today. I am daddy's little girl, and my mom is one of my best friends. My sister and I used to fight, as sisters do, especially when we were teenagers; we are as different as night and day, in looks and personality, but I have SO loved getting to know her better when we both went off to college and becoming better friends with her over the years. She is one of the most hilarious and most dedicated people I know. My little brother is only twelve, and I was almost twelve when he was born. It's crazy to think about watching the little guy grow up, and sometimes I wish I could make him five years old again. He is so kind, so tender-hearted, and pretty darn hilarious, too. My grandparents were also a big part of my growing up, living just down the road, and I try to see them as often as I can. I have to admit, I'm eager to move back to Texas to get closer to these wonderful people. I'm actually headed home to visit tonight! Woohoo!

Creativity. I said it in my introduction video, but I firmly believe that I was created by my Creator to create. There are so many different ways to be creative, and finding what I love and do well at has been a very shaping part of my journey. I'm a theatre gal but I also love to write and paint, the latter being a recently found delight and the former sometime I started in the sixth grade. My bestie and I started writing a book, passing a notebook back and forth, sitting by ourselves at lunch to go over family trees and plot ideas, writing around 120 pages before the end of the year. I continued to write fiction and "inspirational posts" that eventually led to blogging, which is now one of my greatest joys and creative outlets! Without creativity, my life would not be the same.

Theatre. I love love love love love theatre. I love watching it, I love creating it, I love learning about it. But never in my wildest dreams did I imagine pursuing it as a career. In elementary school and middle school, I was so shy, soft spoken, and constantly worried about what others thought of me and what I was doing. Laughter meant I was wrong or stupid or not good enough, and that is actually something I still combat when doing comedy today. However, when the time came to change schools in 8th grade, I got tossed into a theatre class and was soon taking it twice a day. I couldn't get enough of it! In high school I did every musical and play I could, even heading to the community theatre, and the directors I had my senior year gave me the final push to run after it in college. Theatre is SO powerful and has opened my eyes to so many things; it changed the way I see myself and other people, reenforcing my belief that storytelling is powerful and everyone's story matters.  Taking the time to step into someone else's shoes can be life-changing. I am overjoyed to get to do it with the rest of my life.

Encouragement. I never thought myself to be a discouraging person, but it wasn't until college that I realized the value and power of an encouraging word. Taking the time to call out the gold in someone, especially when they themselves can't see it, can radically shift the trajectory of their life. When I got to Baylor, I started attending a Lifegroup, and they would routinely take time at the beginning of the get-together to share what they loved about each other, encouraging the socks off of their roommates, neighbors, church buddies, and even strangers. Encouragement is counter-cultural in so many ways, as we live in a society that is constantly critiquing, looking for weak spots, and criticizing everyone's shortcomings. Taking the time to encourage those around you, even those you're pretty sure already know they're doing a great job, can make all the difference. I want to be a better encourager, and I think that is something to be pursued daily.

PS. I am also passionate about supporting adoption! Those of you following @graceandsalt on Instagram they are now planning to bring home BOTH Junebug and Ollie! Praise the Lord for the open door! However, Junebug's adoption is a recent discovery which means they have to raise a second $35,000 in order to bring her home and get her the healthcare she needs. You can DONATE HERE and read THEIR STORY HERE.

Let's be a blessing together! Think of it as a community coffee date ;) If everyone in this challenge gave the cost of a cup of coffee, we could make their burden a little bit lighter and help bring these kiddos home!

There you have it, friends. My top five six passions.
What are YOU passionate about?!

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