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BLOG-TEMBER DAY 21 | You Can Quote Me

In the Pinterest era we are living in, pretty quotes come and go and bounce around the internet at rapid fire. I have pinned a dozen or so on my Making 2015 Happen board, and I try to actually put them into action throughout the year. Ages and ages and ages ago I had a Xanga (circa 2005) dedicated to cute quotes and sayings, and I carried them around in a binder at school. The obsession continues and I can't wait to read your favorites!

Monday, Sept. 21: A favorite quote/expression and how it has impacted you.

We also live in a time where people's lives, successes, and dreams are broadcast for all to see. Instagram is alight with pretty photos from fashion bloggers, entrepreneurs, stay at home moms, and everyone in-between, and I can almost guarantee we each have a place we want to go that is different from where we are. Whether it's the single gal who wants to be married, or the mom who is working furiously at nap time to make that business happen, our future-minded selves can be sucked into the comparison game SO EASILY. It's a vicious cycle that is life-giving to no one.

Another popular/familiar quote is that "Comparison is the thief of joy" and y'all, it's SO TRUE! Comparison edges out gratitude and contentment, replacing it with envy and self-doubt and a slew of other tactics made to deter us from celebrating life fully where we are. Everyone is on a journey, and each journey is unique with its twists and turns and the paths the Lord has for you. It's important to remember especially when we are looking at those around us.

"Don't compare your beginning 
to someone else's middle"
-Jon Acuff

We each have an idea or definition of where we "should" be and by when, but life doesn't necessarily work that way. I try to remember that everyone has to start somewhere, and we really don't know what it took a person to get where they are. Celebrate the small beginnings y'all. Everyone who got anywhere had to start somewhere.

What about you? What quote is really speaking to you these days?

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