BLOG-TEMBER DAY 15 | What's In My Bag

Tuesday, September 15, 2015
I am a notorious over-packer... and a bag lady. Those two things combined can be disastrous or delightful when it comes to preparing for a trip. I have learned that it is best to pack way early so I can unpack and repack multiple times. It may be an odd system but it works for me. With The Influence Conference at the end of the week, today's prompt came at a perfect time!

Tuesday, September 15: What's in your bag? Pick up your purse and peruse its contents, then share with us!

For this trip I am bringing a carry on and a purse, and above the latter is pictured. Apparently I have a thing for packing color schemes. You should see the outfits I put together... they all coordinate too! Oops!

Monogrammed Bag: I love a good monogram, and I've had this bag for around a year. I first had it in mustard yellow with brown stitching, but after daily use for eight months it was looking pretty worn. Mom, Shelby, and I have a favorite monogram shop at First Monday in Canton, and we go straight to them to place our orders. I used this bag at Hope Spoken and it held everything so perfectly, plus with all the pockets it keeps me organized for a full day of travel on Thursday.

Write the Word Journal + Gold Journal: I love love love to journal, and I love using a number of resources during my devotional time, but when I travel I like to keep it simple. I started the gold journal over the weekend, and I plan to take notes in it from the conference sessions. The Write the Word journal is a GREAT and recent favorite resource for studying scripture, and I cannot recommend it enough!

iPhone Battery Case: I get the feeling I am going to have my phone out quite a bit at this conference, tweeting sessions, Instagramming meet ups, sharing everything via @baileyjrobert and #influenceconf, and I know how fast a battery can burn up. I got this phone case for Christmas last year and it has a built in battery that will give my phone a complete second charge with the push of a button. A must-have for the weekend I think!

iPad + Headphones: Leaving town this weekend, I am choosing intentionally NOT to bring my laptop with me... or at least I'm hoping to! (I keep going back and forth as new assignments are added for next week >.<) School dominates so much of my life, as it should in this season, but I need a weekend away. I am bringing my iPad however to read on my Kindle and check on Blogtember as needed, but it certainly won't let me do all I'd be tempted to do with my laptop. I also never go anywhere without my headphones because I am constantly listening to music. I'm planning to make a playlist or two to listen to as I travel. Any suggestions? Send them my way! 

The Selection + Hugo & Rose: I have heard such good things about The Selection Series and Hugo & Rose that naturally they were my choice of reading companions for the weekend. I'm tempted to pack the second Selection book just in case I blaze through these two and am dying to know what happens next. I also found the complete Elsie Dinsmore series (like I mentioned in yesterday's video!) for $2.99 on Kindle so those should help entertain me as well.

Starbucks Card + Andes Mints: The Starbucks card was a gift from a friend, and I wouldn't be surprised if it gets put to good use on a coffee date this weekend at the conference, or for a morning pick-me-up at the airport when I have to be there at 5AM on Sunday. Yes! The Andes mints are a sweet treat I like to tuck away just incase I get hungry but don't want to pay gobs of money for airport snacks. Can't travel without them!

What about YOU friends? What's in your bag today?

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