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BLOG-TEMBER DAY 14 | Books That Left A Mark

It's the beginning of another week, y'all! I hope everyone's weekends were restful and pleasant, and that you're geared up ready to go! Saturday I did a whole lot of nothing, at least nothing particularly productive, other than cleaning my apartment, crafting, and watching plenty of Bones. The real work happened on Sunday, including prepping this week's posts. I'm headed out of town on Thursday for The Influence Conference, and I have some fun surprises inshore for you along with that! Now onto one of my FAVORITE topics!

Monday, September 14: The 5 books that have impacted you the most.

There you have it friends! The five (six... seven... eight?) books that have impacted the most!

PS. Didn't you love my little rant about Shakespeare? Haha sorry y'all. But really though, GO SEE SOME! And I know I sounded suuuuuuper Southern talking about Mardel, one of my favorite places EVER, but what can ya do? Well, I could've re-recorded the video, but that takes too much effort ;) Now it's your turn!

What about YOU? What 5 books have impacted you the most?

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