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BLOG-TEMBER DAY 12 | Currently in September

Happy Saturday, y'all! We've made it through another week! I am truly so blown away by the dozens of you linking up, and I'm doing my best to say hello to everyone, popping around from blog to blog when I can! Thanks for your patience, and thanks for linking up! Now, onto today's prompt.

Saturday, September 12: What are you up to currently?

Reading... For the Love by Jen Hatmaker and Hugo + Rose by Bridget Foley... sort of. I'm trying to save these two for my flights to and from The Influence Conference next week!
Playing... how many blog posts can I write in one day. This Blogtember prep is no joke! ;)
Watching... Bones still! The next season just came out on Netflix! But I'm trying to keep it to the gym and weekends.
Trying... to get two weeks worth of homework finished ahead of time. Wish me luck.
Cooking... Nanny's spaghetti. It's a treat for myself for making it through another week.
Eating... clean. Or at least trying to. I'm following Revelation Wellness's #cleanhearting the best I can.
Drinking... water. Lots and lots of water. Pretty tumblers make it better.
Calling... it a long day. But a good one. It's a Saturday for homework and rest, not in that order.
Texting... all my Influence gal pals! I can't believe I get to hug their necks next week!
Pinning... fall decor. Come on fall, let's get here soon!
Tweeting... my Instagram pics through IFTTT app. Have you checked it out yet? Read more HERE.
Going... to the Influence Conference next WEEK! Are any of you going to be there?!
Loving... getting to know more of you through this challenge! Such a blessing!
Hating... the hate and hurt happening overseas. Ann Voskamp shared her heart beautifully HERE.
Discovering... a love for painting. It all started with a journaling Bible in the spring, and continues HERE.
Thinking... about taking a Shakespeare intensive in December... scholarships pending, it just might happen!
Feeling... like the year is steamrolling me already, but praise the Lord for grace!
Hoping (for)... a tidal wave of provision for the dreams on my heart for the rest of 2015. Lord, let it be!
Listening (to)... the Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify. Everything has been, well, spot on! ;)
Celebrating... the completion of another week! Really, it's the little victories, y'all.
Smelling... one of my favorite Anthro candles: Aloha Orchid. SO GOOD.
Ordering... a couple of fun things to celebrate the blogiversary. Coming soon to a post near you!
Thanking... ALL OF YOU for making this challenge happen! Such a delight you've been!
Considering... taking a nap. It's just one of those days.
Starting... to pack for The Influence Conference. I'm so excited! If you can't go, you can get the videos HERE!
Finishing... this blog post! Obvi ;) Now onto homework... which, I must say, isn't quite as fun.

What are YOU up to currently?

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