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BLOG-TEMBER DAY 11 | Delight in Friday Night

HAPPY FRI-YAY, Y'ALL! I don't know about you, but this short week couldn't come to a close fast enough. Rehearsals have been going well, but otherwise I've felt like I've been scrambling since making it back into town after Labor Day weekend. I even nearly went to bed last night before finishing this post. Oops! #gradschoolproblems

BUT have no fear, I obviously made it :) Today's topic came to me over the summer when, after a full week of teaching/directing children's theatre camps, I would need a night to myself. Instead of worrying about "needing to" go out with friends while already running on empty, I realized that sometimes a girl's just gotta do her own thing, am I right? So here we are. I can't wait to see how you delight in your Friday!

Friday, September 11: It's a Friday night and you decide to stay in. What do you do?

Now when I say stay in, I don't necessarily mean STAY IN. When I commandeer my Friday night's and decide not to GO OUT, sometimes I still do. But if I leave the house all by my lonesome on a Friday night it is to do a one, two, or a handful of my favorite, relaxing things. Typically it will involve dinner at Chick-fil-a. When I lived in Seattle this summer it was my treat for surviving the week. Nowadays I have a CFA on campus, so it's not as much of a rarity, and I'll opt for Chipotle instead.

If I stay in-in, I sometimes order a pizza and camp out on the couch with Netflix or a good movie. I'm a big fan of hitting up the Redbox at Walgreens because the movie theatre here doesn't get too many of the more indie films I like to see, so I snag them when everyone else in town is out on the strip or watching the game. 

It's my opinion that there is no better way to celebrate the start of a summer weekend than with a big cup of frozen yogurt. Again, this would fall under the going out part of "staying in." Sometimes I would follow my Chick-fil-a outing with dessert, or simply have dessert for dinner and call it done! I'm a grown woman and can do what I want, right? ;)

There was a great outdoor mall in Seattle (where I used to work at the Anthropologie) and I spent several Friday evenings window shopping... and actually shopping... with a cup of Menchie's frozen yogurt in hand. Here at OSU I'll wander the aisles of Hobby Lobby with either the sweet treat or a cup of sweet tea. The Christmas section is my happy place, especially after a stressful week or during finals,  and it is out in full force!

This summer in Seattle I had my favorite retreats, and Target fell at the top of the list. It is a very dangerous place to go, and it is probably definitely a good thing that the closest one is now an hour away. I could wander their aisles of party supplies, pens and pencils, and home decor for hours. And I have... more than once. 

PS. Don't mind how dirty my feet are in the picture. I had just come from a bonfire and Golden Gardens always left my feet absolutely filthy!

My Friday night's "in" are really meant for quality alone time to process and decompress. If I didn't have rehearsal tonight, I might even dare the drive to Target just to wander and roam with nothing to do. If I actually stayed in, I'd go back to the Redbox or maybe put on a Pandora play list and dig into a good book. I do plenty of blogging on these nights in, too, and sometimes my night's in that end up OUT are spent at Barnes & Noble browsing the shelves and writing the night away.

Tonight, my show calls my name, and I'll be in rehearsal from 6:30-10:30pm. Oh the life of a theatre gal! However, tomorrow is my day off for homework and rest, so I'll be spending my "Friday night in" then.

What about you? How would you "stay in" on a Friday night?

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