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BLOG-TEMBER DAY 1 | Meet Bailey Jean

AH! Today's the day, y'all! The 2015 Blog-tember Challenge is here! After months of anticipation, weeks of sharing, and days of preparation, it's finally here! Why I chose to set the challenge at the start of grad school each year, I'm not quite sure, but nevertheless here we are :)

Monday, September 1: Introduce yourself however you like! Pics, collage, vlog, your choice!

For my introduction I decided to do something a little different by recording a vlog. It is definitely late in the evening (early in the morning?) and after six several attempts, but here you go! It's only around 5 minutes long, so enjoy and thanks for taking the time to watch! Also, don't mind the ump-teen uhm's, I did my best ;)

Thanks for taking the time to watch! I think we'll get to know each other pretty well before this challenge is over, and I'm already so pumped for the round of blogs later in the month. Get ready ;)

Now for those fun extra's I promised:
  • my dad did a bunch of research about our family history and found I am related to Pocahontas.
  • Christmas is my favorite time of year (and I may or may not have a countdown on my phone...).
  • I spent my 21st birthday climbing the Eiffel Tower and exploring the Louvre. Best day ever!
  • I love doing theatre but I am TERRIFIED to sing in front of people. 
  • trying new foods stresses me out more than practically anything else.
  • I love going on coffee dates but can't stand the taste of coffee.
  • I know more about Harry Potter than I should probably admit to ;) Middle school was spent writing fanfiction... true story.
So, there you have it! A little about me, now a little about you! Don't forget to link up and say hello to your neighbors! Also, if you share on Instagram or Twitter, use #blogtemberchallenge to keep connecting with the rest of us.

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