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Making SEPTEMBER Happen

Happy almost-September! It's going to be a big month in many ways, and with The Blog-tember Challenge starting TOMORROW I thought I'd share my goals a day early. I remembered over the weekend that it was time to take on the next month's PowerSheets and became positively giddy.

Intentional goal-setting has greatly shaped my days and dreams over the past two years, and I cannot recommend Lara Casey's PowerSheets enough. She's coming out with a new set for the new year in November, with lots of fun updates, different color options, and STICKERS! You won't want to miss them.

August Goals:

1. Finish the Seattle season well.  YES! I may have been sick my last two weeks in town, but it wrapped up so nicely: a downtown adventure and the TAYLOR SWIFT concert with Emily, dinner with friends my last night, church at Mosaic and lunch with everyone afterward, and a successful (though sick) final week of camp. I miss these people so much already, but I have peace about closing the door on that chapter.
2. Settle back in at OSU. Done and done. I've been back in town for three weeks, and I've finally finished unpacking, doing laundry, and hanging my gallery wall. The latter only took me a year to finally decide how to hang it. It feels good to be back though I'm still finding a rhythm.
3. Start Almost, Maine with a bangI'd say this can be checkced off! We held auditions the first week of classes and started rehearsals last Monday. We have just over a month until the show opens, and I'm already having a blast with my team. There has not been a rehearsal that hasn't left me laughing so hard I cried.
4. Continue the Contentment Challenge. Er. It worked. For a while. My bad spending habits seemed to have been showcased last month, especially once I got back to Oklahoma. All those things I "needed" for school and for my apartment? I probably didn't. But there is grace. Praise the Lord for grace.
5. Follow the Write the Word Journal. I absolutely LOVE my journal. Each day there's a space for a grateful list, a specific scripture to write out/draw/doodle/reflect on, and a full page for your heart's ramblings. I don't do it every day, but it's been several times a week since I picked it up, and I hope to continue. She's almost sold out so hurry and get yours!
6. Find a routine of getting active that WORKS. I think I've actually found a way to make this happen. With homework finished on the weekends, I can use my long lunch breaks to head to the gym. I'm also reserving Netflix for the gym/weekends only so maybe that will be good incentive. I only went a couple times during the first week of classes, but I hit 10,000 daily steps several times and hope to keep that going, too!
7. Clear the clutter + don't bring more in. I have a box to go to Goodwill in my trunk, and more purging to do that's for sure, but I didn't quite hold up the latter half of the bargain.
8. Blog + Instagram with intention NOT obsession. I took a social media free weekend this weekend and BOY was it tough! I kept opening the mail app that had slid into Instagram's place when I cleared it from my phone, and that certainly tells me how often I am on it. Even so, I have had so much more fun and found more joy in Instagram by connecting with the Illustrated Faith community and sharing my heart rather than just things. It is certainly shaping my view of it.
9. Write the words He gives me. I would pair this with the goal above. Words came and inspiration struck more often than it has in a long time, and it usually ended up on Instagram. I still have a burning desire to write more, and I hope to cultivate and listen to His voice on that in this coming month.

Now for September's goals. They are a doozy! I have several weekends of travel and theatre responsibilities in the weeks ahead, but I cannot wait to make some of these things happen! This month, no matter the craziness that comes, I want to enjoy it and make the most of it, and I would love for you to join me! In an effort to savor my season I am going to use the monthly hashtag from last year: #savorSeptember. You are welcome to follow along on Instagram and tag your own photos with it, too!

September Goals:

1. Host The 2nd Annual Blog-tember Challenge.  Tomorrow! Tomorrow! The challenge starts tomorrow! I have been writing like a mad woman, prepping for the posts ahead, and I have had such sweet feedback from gals getting involved. I cannot wait to connect with you all!
2. Attend The Influence Conference. This has been on my calendar since LAST September and it is two short weeks away. Are you going?! I am practically jumping out of my skin in excitement to finally meet some of my blogging/Instagram friends in person and to hear the wisdom from the speakers this go around. Let me know if you're going, I'd love to connect!
3. Direct Almost, Maine intentionally + thoughtfully. If I'm not careful, this rehearsal schedule could run away with me. I want to be excited each day as I go and intentional about how I conduct myself and my rehearsals. It is a beautiful play and I want to share it well.
4. Spend quality time with family. When I came home from Seattle, I landed in Dallas on a Tuesday night and had to be back at OSU the following afternoon, which left very little time for family. I had dinner with my mom and sister, lunch with my grandparents and brother the following day on my way out of town, but didn't see my dad at all. The long Labor Day weekend means quality time with the lot of them and a late (late late late) birthday dinner at my grandparents. I'm so looking forward to it!
5. Dig into the Old Testament with Alex. One of my sweet friends here at OSU and I are diving into the Old Testament this semester, taking a closer look at the figures we've heard of for so long. I'm praying that scripture and these familiar tales really come alive in a new way. I have a commentary I'm using alongside a few different Bible versions, but if you have any favorite resources for studying the Old Testament, let me know!
6. Get active! When I worked on my next set of PowerSheets for this latter half of the year, I chose the word ACTIVE to describe how I want to be in the weeks to come. I literally want to get active about taking care of my physical health, taking dance classes, getting to the gym, 10,000 daily steps, and so on, and I think I've found a routine that will work.
7. The Contentment Challenge. This has been SO challenging. It was initially labeled "Continue The Contentment Challenge" but I don't think I've followed it well enough to deserve the word "continue". It's more like starting from scratch with new tactics. I've given myself $20 for each week to spend eating out or on a treat during the week, reserving any eating out/events for the weekend only if connecting with other people during it. Otherwise, I have plenty and I am good to go with what I already have at home.
8. Get homework done ahead of time. My weekends are now to include prepping for the coming week. I find that I am so much less stressed and have more time to sleep and relax when I have the homework taken care of on the weekend. No more going to bed to procrastinate, promising myself to get up early and finish in the morning. That always results in a few too many snooze button hits and scrambling to piece things together. Not this month. Not this YEAR. I plan to get ahead.
9. Read 5 books. I don't think my "100 Books/Plays in a Year" goal is going to happen unless I'm dedicated, and I've already set aside 4/5 for this month: Simply Tuesday, Hugo & Rose, Wild in the Hollow, Dancing Through Life, and Girl Meets Change. 

Okay, September, do your worst (or really YOUR BEST)! I can take it. From The Blog-tember Challenge and The Influence Conference to daily goals of working out and reading, I think it is going to be plenty full.

Now what about you?
What do YOU want to make happen in September?
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