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Making AUGUST Happen

Remember that time I planned to post my goals on August 1st and on good ol' August 1st I came down with the plague? Okay, okay, it wasn't the plague, but boy was it a doozy of a respiratory infection that knocked me off my feet FOR SURE! I spent the first week of August fighting through a fever to teach summer camp to a troop of 5-9 year olds, trekking through a garden while attempting to sing and direct a show with no voice. YIKES. Needless to say, I went straight to bed as soon as I got home everyday and blogging did not happen. 

Now that I've had time to rest (and a doctor who finally said it was more than a summer cold!) I have my wits about me! I say it every month, but I'll say it again, WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?! My two months in Seattle come to a close today, and I head back for the homeland in the morning. The time here has been so sweet and refreshing, so different than I expected but still so good, and I'm more than a little bummed to leave it behind.

I also have to say that writing out these goals have made me more than a little excited about the month of August! There are big things ahead y'all! I thrive on routine and I'll be back in the flow of school before we know it. 

Aren't these campers the cutest?! During our pirates camp we had a mystery to solve!

July Goals:

1. Read 5+ books. Check, check, and check: Where'd You Go, Bernadette, Lizzy & Jane, The Better Life, Alias Hook, and Passion & Purpose. I had hoped to read more but meeting the goal of 5 works for me. See my full library list HERE
2. Turn 24 and celebrate it well! Done deal. Twenty-four sounds so much older than twenty-three, but I hope to own it and have the best year yet! My campers made me a crown, I took the littles to see the Minions movie, and then went out for dinner and ice cream with friends from church. What a day! 
3. Co-host the #AnInspiredSeason series. Hoorah! So some of them didn't make it into blog posts, but I so loved following the hashtag and connecting with the gals involved.
4. Money in the bank! Mhm! Not as much as I'd like, but hey, it's a start!
5. Write my play analysis for Almost, Maine. We'll come back to this one.
6. Be saturated in scripture and dedicate time to prayer.  Hoping to continue the daily practice even as transition is up ahead. It makes such a difference!
7. Get active! I went to dance class a few times, but according to my Fitbit doing choreography and running theatre camps act as "active minutes." I'll take 'em!
8. See good theatre! Check and check! I saw Wicked (for the 5th time) and As You Like It a few Sundays ago. Definitely good theatre. 
9. The Contentment Challenge. Progress has been made! I slipped up once or twice, but I can see/feel a definite change. Hopefully it will continue in the months to come.

July disappeared before I had time to blink, so I'm not entirely upset that some of these goals weren't completed, and I'm rather impressed with the ones that were! Now for this month.

August Goals:

1. Finish the Seattle season well.  Today is my last day in The Emerald City, and I have to say this one may be checked off already! Last week was my final camp and even though I was under the weather it was a success, AND I made time for Lifegroup and friends! Plus Saturday was THE BEST as it included the TAYLOR SWIFT concert! So yes, #1 can be checked off already!
2. Settle back in at OSU. It's back to Cowboy territory in a few days, and I'm eager to get settled in at my apartment, unpack, and take on the new semester.
3. Start Almost, Maine with a bang! Y'all, I am SO excited for this show! It is full of beautiful (and sad) love stories, and I cannot wait to put together my creative team! I made my first purchase for the set (call me crazy for ordering 400 paint sticks... with more to come...) and have been doodling and writing for days.
4. Continue the Contentment Challenge. YES. This has to happen. I've found that the less I spend on myself, the more I save and the more joy I have in gifting to others. I want to use my money wisely and honor my parents by how I spend (and save) this month. After my weekend splurge on TSwift, I'm ready to get back at it.
5. Follow the Write the Word Journal. Have you seen these yet?? Lara Casey --you know she's my fave-- came out with these journals in which each day there's a space for a grateful list, a specific scripture to write out/draw/doodle/reflect on, and a full page for your heart's ramblings. I LOVE this form of scripture study! Speaking of gifting things from the goal above, I've already picked up a few to give away! 
6. Find a routine of getting active that WORKS. Notice I didn't put a specific number here, though I know how many days a week I'm shooting for. I hit my first 10,000 steps in a day for my Fitibit the other day and got SO EXCITED! I'm also hoping to limit my Netflix binging to one episode on the treadmill at the gym like I did last year. This go-around it's about finding something I can do and do consistently. We'll see how it goes. 
7. Clear the clutter + don't bring more in. This should be partnered with The Contentment Challenge. You know it's going to be a white knuckled drive past Home Goods on my way to school this week. Once I'm at OSU, the temptation is lessened, but that hardly keeps me from TJMaxx for long. BUT I will be victorious! I shouldn't have time to shop anyway ;) I want to go through what I have and get rid of the excess, while keeping the extras OUT.
8. Blog + Instagram with intention NOT obsession. I'm addicted. That I can and will readily admit. This month I want to limit my time spent on Instagram; less *scrollscrollscroll* more intentional commenting and connecting with the people that matter to me. I am also THRILLED to announce that The Blog-tember Challenge is returning next month, so I want to prep my posts and be ready to go ahead of time. These things always roll around on my busiest months. Sheesh. Stay tuned for more details!
9. Write the words He gives me. Along with blogging intentionally, I really want to press into prayer and scripture this month about the vision + purpose behind the blog, and explore some of the ideas I have had over the summer. But I want to write what the Lord wants me to write, doing it out of a place of being rooted in Him. I cannot wait to see where He takes me.

August in a nutshell! Of course, I set all of these goals from a cozy coffee shop in Seattle, knowing full well that in the heat and the hurry of Oklahoma life things could TOTALLY change! Either way, I'm giving it a go!

So come on, August, let's do this. Now what about you?
What do YOU want to make happen in August?


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