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Currently in August

With The Blog-tember Challenge on the horizon and grad school back in full force, a "currently" post is all I have time for today, but you know I love them :) There is a similar post tucked into the Challenge, so feel free to save this list for your use on September 12. 

Reading... Simply Tuesday by Emily P. Freeman and The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan. Both lingering from my summer reading list, and both so good!
Playing... catch up on sleep. Can it be the weekend already?
Watching... Bones! This show is ADDICTING and an emotional roller coaster!
Trying... to stay on top of homework. I prepped some over the weekend and have plenty more to do.
Cooking... chicken and asparagus. Again and again. Keeping it simple seems to work.
Eating... the Reeces mini's I hid in my desk. Nothing like a midday or midnight snack.
Drinking... Diet Snapple peach tea. Y'all, this is some good stuff.
Calling... all of my actors by their character names, mixing those up too. #directorproblems
Texting... with Katie about all the things and Ellie about all the Bones freak outs ;)
Pinning... Christmas decorations. It's never too soon!
Tweeting... with my Influence Network gals. The conference is OH SO SOON!
Going... to the Influence Conference next month! I am EXPLODING with excitement as the countdown continues!
Loving... spending time painting in my journaling Bible. Follow the journey HERE.
Hating... the heat. Fall cannot come soon enough.
Discovering... that the procrastination habit is hard to kick, but I want it to GO AWAY.
Thinking... about Almost, Maine. There is a to-do list a mile long for this show with my name on it.
Feeling... like I could sleep for a week Anyone else?
Hoping (for)... a productive and peaceful week. We made it halfway! Only 2 days to go.
Listening (to)... Joy Williams's new album. GO. LISTEN. NOW.
Celebrating... the start of my second year of grad school. Woohoo!
Smelling... one of my favorite essential oil combos in the diffuser: Christmas Spirit + Lavender.
Ordering... Essential Oil refills! I have run out of some of my favorites, and finally got around to ordering the next batch. If you're interested in Essential Oils, check out my post HERE!
Thanking... Emily Ley + her team. They featured my pic and I got 100+ new friends on Insta yesterday!
Considering... where I want this blog to go in the future. I've got some big dreams, y'all.
Starting... to plan posts for The Blog-tember Challenge! So excited this kicks off next week.
Finishing... the two books listed above! I just can't put them down!

What are YOU up to currently?

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