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Yet again I'm staring at a new month flabbergasted that the last has already gone.  Am I the only one?

June brought about the move to Seattle, reunions with friends, and much needed rest. I saw great theatre, read good books, went to excellent movies, all in all it was a great month. True I didn't get school work done... but I've got the rest of the summer. ;)

July is exciting for all sorts of reasons (*COUGHmybirthdaymonthCOUGH*), and I can't say I'm not pumped for a fresh slate on monthly goals. June was pretty successful, but July brings a whole different change of pace. Summer camps start next week, claiming my days, and there are so many good shows to see in coming weeks! I'm ready to pack a picnic lunch and see some Shakespeare. Anyone want to join me?

This month's goals look like last month's with a few new tossed in to shake things up. Let's see how it goes.

June Goals:

1. Read 5+ books. Done, done, and done. This month I completed Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Lunch in Paris, The Crossroads of Should and Must, Alias Hook, and Creative Confidence. I had expected to read more, but I at least hit the 5. Reviews of some of these coming soon.
2. Head to Seattle for the summer. I'm here! Goodness gracious, it feels so good to be back.
3. Celebrate Alyssa's weddingCheck yes! It was a gorgeous ceremony, surrounded by great friends, followed by hiding out from the rain at the reception and dancing for hours while the sky continued to fall. The newlywed Wilsons know how to throw an amazing party and God got all the glory!
4. Continue to go gluten free for 6 weeks. Eh. I kept it up until I got to Seattle, and I've simply been trying to limit my gluten (or at least alternate days) to lessen the damage. 
5. Write my play analysis for Almost, Maine. Ha. Ha. Ha. Oops. 
6. Follow the SRT Women in the Word study. I haven't kept up day-to-day but whenever I dive in, it's always super encouraging, very timely! Some of those stories I was already familiar with, but a fersh perspective can do wonders!
7. Follow the Elle & Co. Illustrator course. I need to commit some time to go through all of them. Time slipped away from me and Creative Cloud and I did a few rounds any time I tried to get it to work..
8. Re-launch the Be You, Bravely series. This is still in the works. I want to change a few questions and reshape its focus, then launch it well!
9. FINALLY complete The Contentment Challenge. Nope. But you'll see it below. This month was a prime example of "fail to plan, plan to fail". 

Summer blazes onward. Now for this month. It's going to be full and I've got some high expectations, big things to make happen :)
July Goals:

1. Read 5+ books. Here we go again! My summer is filling with camps starting next week, but I'm still determined to get in some good reading. I practically brought the library home with me the other day, so I have plenty to choose from. This month's list includes Where'd You Go Bernadette, Bon Appetempt, Sarah's Key, Untold Story, and Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald. See my full library list HERE
2. Turn 24 and celebrate it well! What the what?! Twenty-four sounds SO OLD. Only not at the same time. My birthday is on the 16th in case you were wondering ;) Not quite sure what I'm going to do for it yet, but I hope it's something fun and friend-filled.
3. Co-host the #AnInspiredSeason series. I am so excited about this one! Katie and I shared the prompts for our series YESTERDAY and I'd love for you to join in! It's all about getting creative and savoring your current season, plus getting us both back in the swing of blogging on the regular again. I'm pumped!
4. Money in the bank! This summer is for saving, not spending. I want to put my check in the bank each week, more than half going into savings each time. I'm also considering Hannah Brencher's budgeting sheets. Has anyone tried them out before?
5. Write my play analysis for Almost, Maine. I really can't put this off any longer. At least I got started last month! Er... yesterday! 
6. Be saturated in scripture and dedicate time to prayer. The SRT Women in the Word study continues for a few more weeks and I hope to keep up with it! It's been so life giving thus far. 
7. Get active! Take a dance class, go for a walk, play with the kids. Do something active multiple times to kick your health into gear!
8. See good theatre! Seattle has 4 shows touring for  Shakespeare in the park AND the National Theatre in London is broadcasting several productions I can't wait to catch! Anyone want to come with me? :)
9. The Contentment Challenge. I have failed every single time previously. Nancy Ray shared about her contentment challenge ages ago, and I hope to follow it in order to cultivate contentment for what I already have and have an increased awareness of my lack of need when I get the urge to spend. I want to put money in the bank this summer.

There you have it! July, let's do this. Now what about you?
What do YOU want to make happen in July?

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