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An Inspired Season | Recent Adventures

In case you didn't notice, all was quiet on the blog-front last week. Last Thursday I turned the ripe-old age of twenty-four (woohoo!) and my week was beautifully brimming with birthday shenanigans, from Lifegroup bonfires to multiple Minions movie dates and more. I spent Saturday working away at Starbucks, then Sunday we adventured downtown to Bite of Seattle --a HUGE food festival where the fried mac and cheese was divine-- followed by an evening performance of Wicked.

While all of these adventures were taking priority, Brave Love sat quiet for two days of the An Inspired Season challenge. I shared on my Instagram my verse for this season (Psalm 16) and a look back at the last year, hitting 10 of the highlights, both of which will find their way here to the blog oh so soon.

Today's promote for An Inspired Season is "Write about one of the best adventures you've had so far this season." There have truly been SO MANY, so how about the most recent?

Two weekends ago, I had the opportunity to adventure around Mt. Rainier with a sweet Seattle friend. Stef is what I'd call "insta famous" and a stellar photographer, plus a gem of a gal with a heart as big as Texas and a laugh that's contagious. I've always been jealous of the adventures she shares at @stef_krach, gallivanting all over the Pacific Northwest and hosting Instameets with Socality. To be honest, earlier that week I had prayed for a surprise summer adventure, and I'd have to say this was it!

We rocked out to Disney music and Sam Smith on the drive there, plus Stef caught the whole thing on Snapchat: stopping at Whole Foods for some amazing pizza, belting it out in the car, scenic drives with movie scores in the background, and trying to rendezvous with the crew on a packed Saturday in Paradise. No literally it's called Paradise, and that day it was! Cloudy, 70 degrees, with gorgeous fog on the lake... simply stunning!

Stef and another pair of Instagrammers, Spencer and Kyle, were invited by Roadtrippers.com to shoot and zip around in the Fiat 500x Crossover, and I got to tag along! I loved getting to watch them behind the scenes, and this crew was hilarious to boot.  Plus the car was so spiffy, perfect for adventuring around the mountain all day. My job was mostly stopping traffic; you know, just protecting those grammers and their gear ;)

Isn't Stef gorgeous? So thankful for this gal and getting to spend the day with her!
Mt. Rainier was hiding behind the clouds, but the mountain peeked out for a bit, and so did blue skies!
Spencer and Kyle are hilarious. Catching them mid-shot was my specialty, and I loved learning from them.
Another action shot. Classic Instagram post headed your way. And LOOK AT THAT FOG.
What a car! Really, I'm a fan! It looked so sleek and was so fun to zip around in.
And of course a selfie while waiting and watching the photogs at work. 

The beauty of this season can be found in the room for spontaneity and the uniqueness of the adventures to be had out here in Seattle! I only have three weeks left in town and I plan to soak them up. Shakespeare in the park and whale watching are on the agenda for next weekend, and I want to spend as much time with these friends as possible before heading back to school.

What about YOU? What adventures have you taken this summer?

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