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An Inspired Season | A Mood Board

Oops! I made the collage for today's prompt and forgot to send it on its way. My bad, y'all. Thanks for the grace :)

Making mood boards is one of my favorite things. I love the way a single image (of multiple images!) can express a feeling, design, goal, or day, so when putting together a list of prompts for An Inspired Season, it was easy for Katie and I to throw this one in there! I started making mood boards for my seasons when I first found the PowerSheets goal setting worksheets. Lara Casey calls them "vision boards" and they help to give clarity and inspiration in preparation for making what matters happen.

If you ask me, that's what living An Inspired Season is all about: making what matters the priority, soaking up today and what makes it special + unique. The vision board below is, in my opinion, a quick glimpse at what my world looks like these days.

fruits + bright natural light, a cozy bed + macbook, scripture + bright flowers, 
inspiring prayers + hymns to seek a slower season, 
bright red lipstick + laughter + stripes, a table surrounded by friends, 
gorgeous succulents in all different colors, a lovely gal with the word + a frothy mug, 
"take root", more florals, string lights fit for a celebration

one. two. three. four. five. six. seven. eight. nine. ten. eleven.

My season seems to be one of continual transition. Packing and unpacking, planting and uprooting; at least that's the pattern that has found itself again and again in my path. My current season includes a summer in Seattle, temporarily planted back in the city that borrowed my heart for a year. Seattle means six weeks of savoring friendships, giving my all to summer camps, and assessing where I've come and gone over the past year.

There is a desire deep inside me to be planted somewhere permanently. I want to dig roots in deep, find myself deeply embedded into an encouraging community of believers and theatre artists, making a home and settling down. However, that is not this season. I struggle with putting down roots knowing I will be uprooted in one short year, but that is a place I know I need to trust the Lord. 

When looking at and building this mood board, I kept thinking of the same phrase:

"Bloom where you are planted, 
and give yourself permission to put down roots."

I want to savor this season, wear the red lipstick, stop to smell the roses, sink into my current community, and trust the Lord with what is to come, even though I can't see or understand what turns it may take. He is the Perfect Gardener. I want to trust Him enough to put down roots, digging in to where He's planted me, believing that if and when He moves me that He will take care of the transition and the details. 

What about you, friends? How do you plan to live An Inspired Life?
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