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An Inspired Season | Celebrate Today

How's everyone doing today?! It's Tuesday so I'm already in a better mood than I was yesterday. Monday's are a struggle, especially in the morning, am I right? 

This is week two of Annie and I am SO proud of my kiddos for all their hard work. They have two weeks to memorize and rehearse an hour-long cut of the show, and I threw them into choreography and blocking last week at full speed. In my usual get-up-and-go directing mode we accidentally got everything done by Thursday. What?! Friday morning rolled around, and my musical director glanced at me with a "well what now?" kind of look. Don't worry, a grin was attached and there is plenty still to do!

While we're wrapping up Annie by the end of the week, we are also wrapping up An Inspired Season, at least in its organized fashion. I plan to use the hashtag #aninspiredseason to continue to document my days, and to remind myself to truly savor this time and live inspired. Now onto today's topic.

Tuesday, July 28th. What's one thing you can do this week to celebrate your season? Set the intention (on Instagram or Facebook) and then do it! Write about the experience.

I love this prompt because it is challenging us to take ACTION. I've been working on my PowerSheets for the next six months of the year and my word is ACTIVE. I want to actively pursue Jesus, actively savor this season, get active about my physical health, and take active steps towards my dreams TODAY.

This week, my action plan is simple. The Word in and words out. 

I miss writing. I used to write fiction all the time, and even little "inspirational posts" on Myspace (hey-oh, talk about ages ago) which eventually turned into this blog here. I have big dreams for books, devotionals, and resources to encourage women to soak up and settle roots deep into their season, so this week I want to start that plan.

It start's by saturating my day in scripture, getting into the Word before camp every morning. And it ends with putting words onto paper, into a word document, SOMETHING. The Word in and words out. I want to take the "everyday, ordinary life... and place it before God as an offering." I fully believe He's given me the drive to write and will give the words to do it, so I want to dive in head first. Wish me luck and prayers would be appreciated.

How are you going to get ACTIVE this week about celebrating your season? 
What dreams is God wanting to ACTIVATE in your life today? Ask Him and see :)

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