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An Inspired Season | Bucket List

Today's prompt for An Inspired Season, a bucket list for your season, came from Katie's creative genius, and I love her heart behind it! In our efforts to savor and celebrate the season we're in, she suggested that we make a list of things to do now in our current season of life rather than listing off dreams for the far off future. This bucket list will serve to highlight the endless possibilities and big potential right where we are!

For today's challenge, I'm playing a combination game. Last year I shared my 101 Goals in 1001 Days list, and as my 24th birthday is approaching I've started compiling a 25 Before 25 list. I have one year left of grad school, and I plan to fully embrace this season, planting big dreams but cultivating the NOW with intention + trust!

#AnInspiredSeason + 25 before 25

1. Write the Savor Your Season e-book/devotional.
2. Go on a solo road trip.
3. Have a girls' getaway weekend.
4. Take a Zumba class/do Pure Barre again.
5. See Shakespeare in the Park in Seattle.
6. Grow out my hair + go ombre again.
7. Direct Almost, Maine with gusto!
8.  Meet up with the Three Musketeers somewhere!
9. Graduate from graduate school.
10. Get a big girl job ;)
11. Finish a 1,000 gifts journal.
12. Attend The Influence Conference.
13. Attend Hope Spoken 2016.
14. Run a 5k.
15. Go to a ballet.
16. Take a cooking class/master a list of favorites.
17. Read 100 books.
18. Purge my closet/capsule wardrobe.
19. Host the 2nd Annual Blog-tember challenge.
20. Spiffy up/thrift a bar cart for the apartment.
21. Buy a full-sized Christmas tree.
22. Complete Project Life for 2015.
23. Become a morning person.
24. Meet my savings goal.
25. Celebrate turning 25 somewhere amazing!

All of these things I can do while single, traveling, in graduate school, right now. It will take some careful planning + saving, but there is room for spontaneity and plenty of adventures!

Did any of these make it on your bucket list? What would you recommend?!

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