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Making June Happen

Sweet summertime is here! We had record rains in May, so I'm hoping my time left in Texas is bright and sunny, and that Seattle follows suit as soon as I get there. These next two weeks in-between have me sorely tempted to toss productivity out the window in favor of relaxing and treading water until the big shift happens, but I know there are things to accomplish in every season. This one included. 

I am so enjoying my break from school, though I have 30+ pages of play analysis to do before I go back in the fall; my plans to take care of it last May did not quite pan out, but there is grace for that. I spent this past weekend in Charleston, South Carolina with my mom and sister, supporting Shelby in her fitness competition, and this post slipped away from me. Oops! But I had a blast, saw way more bodybuilders and sparkly bikinis than I ever expected, and I'm so proud of my little sis for rockin' it on that stage! 

Now to the goals. I think looking back at what worked and what didn't is so important when trying to move forward, so we will start with May and jump into June :)

May Goals:

1. Read 5+ booksI count this one as done even though I didn't read the books listed on my last goal list. However, I did PLENTY of reading! I read more of The Circle Maker and The Artisan Soul as well as most of Oola. Last summer I re-read the first 3 Harry Potter books, and last month I read Books #4-7. I also started Lunch in Paris and Essentialism, so over all I've read around 5. ;)
2. Find a workout routine that, well, WORKS. Mom and I went on evening walks around the neighborhood, but nothing really stuck. Hopefully next month I can cross this one off.
3. Finish the semester strongI declare a YES here! I walked away with a 4.0 and I'm pretty darn proud of that, considering how trying and stress-filled this semester was. Between my show, my anxiety, and my health concerns, I am very proud of what I was able to overcome and how things finished. 
4. Clean/organize the apartment before summer begins. Uhh... I'm pretty sure I did this. It's been three weeks so I don't entirely remember how the apartment looked when I left it. We will say yes though. Just because.
5. Write my play analysis for Almost, Maine. Nope. Not gonna lie, this was not a priority.
6. Memorize scripture. Painting in my journaling Bible has helped tremendously! I want to find a way to make it last longer in my memory, but I gave it a good start!
7. Spend intentional time with family. This is a yes! I got back last night from a weekend in South Carolina with my mom and sister for Shelby's competition, and I've had lots of time at home + out and about with the rest of the crew since coming home a few weeks ago. It's been so nice.

I recently refreshed my #powersheets and will be sharing the new SUMMER goals next week. It is so nice to refocus in the middle of a season change and prep for what's ahead.

June Goals:

1. Read 5+ books. This one is a repeater. I want to read, read, read this summer! I hope to finish the ones I've started AND pick up a few new ones.
2. Head to Seattle for the summer. EEp! I cannot wait to go back! I'm two short weeks away from The Emerald City where I will be teaching children's theatre camps all July long.
3. Celebrate Alyssa's wedding. One of my roommates from Baylor is getting married this month! I am beyond thrilled for her, and I can't wait to be reunited with so many friends to celebrate her!
4. Continue to go gluten free for 6 weeks. Doctor's orders on this one. I completed two weeks then tried a little over the weekend when out with my family in Charleston, so I'm hoping once the 6 weeks is finished I can get by with limiting my gluten intake instead of cutting it out all together. I love my junk food (aka pizza + donuts + BREAD) too much to completely give it up.
5. Write my play analysis for Almost, Maine. It WILL be done this month! It WILL! 
6. Follow the SRT Women in the Word study. It's been a while since I've followed a She Reads Truth plan, and their latest is a 9 week look at women from the Bible. I can't wait!
7. Follow the Elle & Co. Illustrator course. I may not be able to make every Saturday class, but I plan to learn all that I can in the course. Hopefully you'll see evidence of it here on the blog soon.
8. Re-launch the Be You, Bravely series. This was a favorite of mine last year, and I look forward to featuring more ladies in the near future.
9. FINALLY complete The Contentment Challenge. I have failed every single time previously. Nancy Ray shared about her contentment challenge ages ago, and I hope to follow it in order to cultivate contentment for what I already have and have an increased awareness of my lack of need when I get the urge to spend. I want to put money in the bank this summer.

There you have it friends. A few more than last month, but I plan to make them happen.

What do YOU want to make happen in June?

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