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Live, Dream, and Create with Courage

Sometimes I wish my brain had a print button. 
I know, I know, how ridiculous does that sound, but COME ON! How much easier would that make life?! 

There are moments, especially lately, that I positively bubble over with ideas, most commonly where I have no way to record them, and then when I sit down with a pen and paper I get a huge " .    .    .  " and nothing more. If only I could hit "print" so that when I got out of the shower, home from the gym, or finished watching the kiddos I'd have a list ready to go.

I imagine it would be a mess of doodles, words written in ALL CAPS when the ideas start flying too fast for me to keep up, arrows from one theme to another, but there it would be, ready to be tackled with a hot pink highlighter and translated into something real.

Sadly, this brain-magic print button does not exist, so I'm left to my own devices (and exhaustion) to attempt to put words into action. It's that will-power, or lack there of, that leaves blogposts half finished, stellar collaboration ideas in the drafts folder, and my dreams on pause. I recently read that perfectionists can often become procrastinators; if they don't have the skill set (or think they don't) to do something JUST RIGHT the FIRST TIME, they put it off or don't do it all.

DING! DING! DING! A buzzer went off in my head. "Oh hey, that's me!"

But I don't want that to be me. I don't want to doubt the voice in my heart that urges me forward, encouraging me toward dreams, by refuting it with "what if..." or "I don't think I can..." I want to say a BRAVE "YES". A humble I-can't-do-this-on-my-own-but-I'll-give-it-a-go-with-you-Lord COURAGEOUS "OKAY". 

It was when navigating these murky waters that another lightbulb went off. A phrase came into being that I could wrap my fingers around and hold on tight. Brave Love has long been a space to safely dive into my heart, life, and longings to find common threads and next steps, and now Brave Love has a more concrete definition. In my desire to make Brave Love active in my life, I've realized that I want to LIVE, DREAM, and CREATE with COURAGE.

This doesn't mean getting it right the first time or doing what everyone else is doing. This is me taking the next step --whatever that may be-- with courage, the decision that what is ahead is worthwhile even when the path may be messy or partially hidden.

I want to LIVE this way. I want to celebrate my season with my whole heart --be it school, singleness, adult life, you name it-- and encourage others to do the same. I want to live with enough courage to speak truth over the lies, to turn to Jesus first, and to say yes to adventures and opportunities as He leads me. I want to lift other people up, address the tough questions, and choose to love when it isn't easy. That's living with courage.

I want to DREAM this way. I want to stop worrying about getting my hopes up and GIVE my hopes up to the One who plans my days, holds my future, and loved me from the beginning of time. I want to dare to dream bigger than what I can accomplish on my own. I want to encourage others to name those dreams and claim them in Jesus, chasing toward His goal holding His hand without fear of what others may say or what others are already doing. That's dreaming with courage.

I want to CREATE this way. I want to tackle projects that I don't feel fully prepared for. I want to follow the prompting in my heart and say YES, learning along the way. I want to be secure enough in Jesus to step forward in acting, directing, teaching, writing, speaking, whatever it is (daring to chase those dreams again), trusting my instincts and pushing the boundaries. I want to collaborate with other creatives and put these ideas on paper. I want to start before I'm ready (because, let's face it, I may never be "ready"). That's creating with courage.

So here we go. It's going to be messy, it's going to be different, 
but it's going to be good. Are you in?

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