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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Reading... Lunch in Paris: A Love Story with Recipes by Elizabeth Bard.
Playing... catch up on e-mails and to-do's before the weekend.
Watching... Downton Abbey! Anxiously awaiting the discs from Netflix for Season 3.
Trying... to reflect on the school year and learn from my experiences.
Cooking... not a whole lot these days. But that's nothing new.
Eating... semi-gluten free. Oops. I gave it a solid 3 weeks and am keeping it to a minimum.
Drinking... water, water, water. Two pretty new tumblers are making it much easier.
Calling... Apple support. AGAIN. Come on, y'all. This isn't rocket science. Or is it?
Texting... with Lauren about lunch plans! Meeting a sweet Hope Spoken gal oh so soon.
Pinning... all the things. Mostly branding inspiration, succulents, and fuel for my wanderlust.
Tweeting... about the Tony Awards. I need to get to NYC ASAP!
Going... back to Seattle on SUNDAY! Be still my heart, the day cannot come soon enough!
Loving... She Reads Truth's "Women in the Word" study. Going through the Old Testament gals.
Hating... how much hate is in the world. People need Jesus, y'all, myself included.
Discovering... that I need to take my own advice; sometimes savoring your season is HARD.
Thinking... about the show I will be directing in the fall. So many ideas, such a small budget...
Feeling... like the numbness has finally worn off. I got a cavity filled yesterday. Bleh!
Hoping (for)... the Lord to move in BIG ways! Ready for fresh revelations and adventures!
Listening (to)... French jazz on Pandora (search La Vie en Rose and it's perfection).
Celebrating... the middle of the week! Even the mundane moments deserve confetti.
Smelling... like bug spray. It's mosquito season in Texas.
Thanking... the gals at The Well Studio for a lovely Book Bash last Sunday!
Considering... how to move forward with a few of my dreams. I want to do it all!
Starting... to pack for Seattle. Two suitcases and a carry-on... wish me luck.
Finishing... this blog post! I think I may include "currently..." lists monthly in the future.

What are YOU up to currently?
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