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An Inspired Season Series

One of my favorite things about the blogging community is connecting with soul sisters. 

One of my sweetest encouragements and biggest inspirations is Katie of A Place to Dwell. Her e-book about living An Inspired Life fell into my hands at just the right time, at the start of diving into what it means to savor my season.

She and I have talked about those very ideas many times over, and we've been wanting to collaborate on something fun to get us (and YOU) writing and creating while celebrating our current season. Be it school, singleness, summer, you name it, we both believe where you are RIGHT NOW is so important and worthy of all the confetti and heart-eyes a girl can muster. And we've finally come up with a master plan to make it happen:

#AnInspiredSeason Series
Tusdays & Thursdays || July 2nd - July 30th

During the month of July we plan to get our creative juices flowing, whether they be online, on paper, for all to see or for our eyes only, and we want to invite YOU into the journey! There will be a prompt for each Tuesday + Thursday of the month and you are welcome to share your creations/discoveries publicly or tuck them away for your personal enjoyment. If you DO choose to share, use #aninspiredseason to follow along :)

Thursday, July 2nd. Introduce yourself by writing your biography as if being interviewed for The New York Times, sharing your history, accomplishments, and where you are right now. Complete it with what you would want it to say in the future (biggest dreams and goals included) in italics. 

Tuesday, July 7th. Describe your current season in pictures (make a mood board/art collage/whatever)!

Thursday, July 9th. Write a bucket list that's FOR your current season (focusing on things you can do and want to do in the very near future, rather than dreams for what you hope is ahead).

Tuesday, July 14th. Pick a verse for your season and create something based on it (a blog post, a painting, a poem, anything you're inspired to make)!

Thursday, July 16th. (My 24th Bithday!) Take a look back at the past year. What are some highs and lows from this season? What were some surprises? What advice would you give yourself if starting this year/season anew? (Feel free to choose one, any, or all of these questions!)

Tuesday, July 21st. Write about one of the best adventures you've had so far in this season.

Thursday, July 23rd. Who are others you admire that are living/celebrating a similar season well? What resources/books/posts have encouraged you?

Tuesday, July 28th. What's one thing you can do this week to celebrate your season? Set the intention (on Instagram or Facebook) and then do it! Write about the experience.

Thursday, July 30th. Write about something this season of life has taught you.

Again, feel free to participate in any way you'd like. This is about savoring and celebrating YOUR season while infusing it with fresh perspective and inspiration. I quite honestly think we'll be changed by the end of it and be able to see this place we are planted in with new eyes.

Are you in? Join us with #aninspiredseason starting on Thursday!

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