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Project Life | January 2015

Project Life is scrapbooking made easy. The fact that I have found time for it in the midst of a crazy semester is a testament to that fact. I've put a pause on buying any more goodies to use what I have, and I brought a small box of my favorite supplies home with me for the summer to catch up on the last few months. Now how about a review?

These are my first spreads for my 2015 album. Color-coordinating is my favorite thing. 

My first full spread! The center striped card on the left lets my first short-hair selfie shine through to the title page (which for some reason I didn't snap a picture of), and believe it or not this spread took the longest for me to put together. I had several clear pockets on my title page which meant I had to carefully select what would shine through. I also wanted to include my first big adventure of the year: cutting off almost a foot of hair! The before and after shots speak volumes here. 

When Studio Calico announced they would be offering a card set that collaborated with Lara Casey I almost jumped out of my chair! These cards provided a great space for sharing my thoughts on the start of a new year and to re-assess my goals now that the year is in full swing. I listened to Lara's book Make It Happen on Audible a few weeks ago and even picked up a hard copy, so these fit right in. Otherwise, these pages taught me how much I love using my own hand writing and the little typed phrases stickers. Those are sure to appear over and over again.

I'm actually not a huge fan of this spread, but I'm giving myself grace as I go. I wanted to include the collages I created for my two "Words of the Year" for 2015: BRAVE & GOLD, and I used a small insert with pockets that flip up and down to record my goals. I didn't get a detail shot of these guys but I will in the future. The page semi-hidden on the right put my first Messy Box into action, and I must say I like their style!

More Messy Box goods here! This is the back of the right page above, putting numbers to some of the final images from January. I actually really like the simplicity of all the white space and the small black designs with pops of color in the photos. This may be the way I go in the future.

One thing I struggle with is the desire to be instantly good at something, and Project Life is no different. I've been doing it for a while, but I'm still learning. Part of that learning process is making the decision to give myself grace and just keep going. Done is better than perfect, right?

What about you? How do you keep your memories? Any other Project Lifers out there?

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