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Making May Happen

Glory, glory, hallelujah! The semester has come to a close! Today is my last day of classes, and all that stands between me and summer vacation is a few final projects due next week, then I'm outta here! My, oh, my what a year it has been. There have been some high highs and low lows, and everything in between, and hopefully it is smooth sailing into May from here. 

Looking back at last month, there is certainly cause for celebration. Goals were reached, sweet connections with friends new and old made, and plenty of good books read. There are exciting things ahead for Brave Love, and it is a relief to finally have time to pour back into this space that holds so much of my heart. 

If you haven't noticed, Brave Love got a make-over last month and I am IN LOVE with it. The white space makes me giddy, the posts are crisp and clean, and images pop off the page! Below is the mood board I created when beginning a re-brand, and I hope to see more of this pallet and these types of images in the future. Who doesn't love pale pinks, mustard yellow, and pops of teal with hand lettering? Well... if you don't, don't tell me ;)

Now for an update on last month's goals. I deemed last month #anxietyfreeApril and I am pleased to say for the most part IT WAS! (Praise the Lord for His grace, peace, and the Stress Away essential oil!)

April Goals:

1. Celebrate Easter + Pop's 80th birthday at home. Done and done! Oh, how I loved spending time with my family, and I am eager to return oh so soon! I had dinner with my parents, sister, and her new boyfriend that Friday, went shopping with Mom in Canton that Saturday morning followed by an early Easter dinner and birthday celebration at Nanny + Pop's. The annual Easter egg hunt was a success (I won!) and the company better than anywhere.
2. Continue to clear the clutter. More progress was made! I plan to drop the box off at Goodwill this weekend, and use next week to gather the last of what will go before my vacation begins. I want this place spic and span for my return in the fall.
3. Read 3+ booksI finished Elsie Dinsmore and If You Find This Letter, and I am halfway through both The Circle Maker and The Artisan Soul. Two out of three during the last month of class isn't too bad.
4. Make progress on Project Life. YES! January is complete! I definitely call that progress! I even blogged about it.
5. Attempt the 21 Day Fix routine. Erhm... I did one day of it? And I went to the gym... once. Does that count? My focus was on eating better this month and I've lost 5 lbs, so even though I didn't make this goal, I still call that progress!
6. Finish the semester strong. By the grace of God, I think I've done it!

Now for this month's. My season is swinging into a different schedule, and I cannot wait to make these happen!

May Goals:

1. Read 5+ booksI am really excited for this one! May will bring with it much needed downtime and I have a stack of books ready to go. Beyond finishing The Artisan Soul and The Circle Maker I plan to read The Royal We, Jesus Feminist, The Paris Wife, Mrs. Queen Takes the Train, and Start. We'll see how many of these actually happen ;) Maybe more!
2. Find a workout routine that, well, WORKS. While the downtime will be nice, I need to do something with it. It's time to make use of my parents' beautiful neighborhood (and gym) and get going!
3. Finish the semester strong. I'm acting as if school is already out because today is the last day of classes. I have a few projects to finish, meetings to attend, and then it will all be over next Friday. I want to fully commit to each of these and finish strong.
4. Clean/organize the apartment before summer begins. Finishing strong means tidying the last of my things as I pack, deep cleaning, and getting this place ready for a quick start come August.
5. Write my play analysis for Almost, Maine. I have picked my show for the fall! I will direct Almost, Maine at OSU, and I start rehearsals as soon as the fall semester kicks off. I want to get as much of the writing and prep done as possible before I leave for Seattle so I can be as prepared as possible when I come back.
6. Memorize scripture. I have been keeping a flip book of scripture since going through the Wholeheartedly devotional and I want to start committing it to memory.
7. Spend intentional time with family. From attending my sister's competition late in May to going to the gun range with my dad (and everything in between) I want to savor this time at home with family. It's been a long time since I've had a long time at home.

I recently refreshed my #powersheets and will be sharing the new SUMMER goals next week. It is so nice to refocus in the middle of a season change and prep for what's ahead.

What are YOU up to this May?

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