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Me, oh my. This is one for the books. I've been known to carry some crazy things in my purses (like plastic swords and Captain Hook's hook) and during finals last week I looked down from my seat in the library and nearly laughed out loud at the contents of my bag. Finals week always leaves me in a frenzy, but Thursday was something special.

I'm still using my coral monogrammed bag from First Monday and loving it, though last week's lot pushed its limits:
  • Somehow I ended up with two pairs of sunglasses. One is from Francesca's and the other from a local boutique. Strangely enough Thursday was rainy and overcast. ALL DAY. No need for sunglasses.
  • What? You mean you don't carry teacups in your purse? I've been taking an acting class based on works set in the late 1800's and early 1900's. In our scene from Shaw's Heartbreak House I served tea, so naturally on the day of the final I carried tow teacups and saucers in my purse. Clinking together. All day. #theatreproblems
  • Black T-strap character shoes are the way to go. And that acting final though. Heels and a rehearsal skirt were a requirement for the final, so in the bag they went. 
  • I've never been a watch kind of girl until I bought this one. The thin strap and rhinestones certainly help. 
  • My sister is crazy about her QuestBars so I thought I'd try a few. Thus far, the cookies and cream flavored one is my favorite.
  • I buy and lose chapstick all the time, but I've kept up with the Softlips Cube for quite a while. I got it in an Influenster Box last year and I highly recommend them! 
And there you have it. Finals week is in the bag, literally and figuratively. On to sweet, sweet summer!

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