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Illustrated Faith in Progress

Last week I shared about my first attempts at Bible journaling. Today I want to give you a glimpse into my process. While many gals use scrapbooking stickers, alphabet stamps, and the like, I am trying to keep it simple for now. I would love to incorporate those one day, but for travel purposes I am limiting my supplies to watercolors, my favorite pens, and a glitter spray by Heidi Swapp pictured below. 

Typically I begin by sketching the image on a piece of scrap paper and testing colors there. Sometimes I'll have a verse in mind then hunt for an image, or other times it will start the other way around, first an image then a coordinating verse. 

Depending on how detailed the image will be, I will then sketch it into the Bible with a pencil. Most pencil marks disappear after the watercolors dry, but the act as a great guide for little ol' perfectionist me. You can barely see the sketch below. My test-sketch was actually for a right-hand page, so this took a little re-working. 

Up next comes the background and base colors. I have since purchased a paint pallet that includes purple and other versions of the basic colors, but it took me a few tries to get the purple/blue blend I wanted for the Tangled-inspired lantern scene below. I ended up going over the yellow with a thicker acrylic paint since the blue beneath it started turning the lanterns slightly green, and I swept over the sky with a glossy white to make it shine.

**I have a small piece of thin cardboard that I slip beneath whatever page I'm working on to keep the paint/water from leaking through or catching any other pages by accident. Honestly, I haven't had any major bleeding of paint from one side of the page to the other which I was pleasantly surprised about! It really all depends on how much water you use.

My original intention was to trace the lanterns in pen, but on a whim I used a thin brush and black paint for the sun and the outlines. It turned out much better than expected! Below is the final product! I spritzed the page with the gold glitter spray, which is hard to see in the photo, but boy does it shimmer! The verse itself was covered by one of the lanterns, so I wrote it in pen along the side to really emphasize it. 

A friend once asked me how I feel about completely painting over other scripture, and it was tough at first. However, I have a NKJV Women's Study Bible that I prefer to use for actual study and my devotionals (or the YouVersion/She Reads Truth apps) so this Bible is expressly for painting/art journaling. I try to choose one verse to emphasize or a quote that matches the chapter so the rest of the page can be painted over.  

It is perfectly imperfect, and combines two of my favorite things: scripture and Disney. And this is just the start! Taking brush and pen to paint and paper, spending time in the Word more often, oh I want more of it! Thankfully, I have time for it this summer and a small travel pack to take it with me. You'll be seeing more of this in the coming weeks, both here and on Instagram. And if you've given it a go, I'd love to see! I'm always looking for inspiration here! 

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